Monday, 30 September 2013

The Smells Of Autumn

Oh, how I love when the weather starts to cool, and the nights get darker quicker. There is nothing nicer, than putting on the fire, closing the curtains and cosying up on the sofa with a nice hot drink and reading a good book.

Well that is nice, but what makes it even nicer is when you light some candles and their scent reminds you of that season.

I love to burn candles and today I found some perfect ones in Clinton Cards, discounted as well, (which made buying them even better,lol.

To shop or not to shop

It is so hard in this day and age not to just buy everything we see and like. I, myself am included in this as I am a self confessed shopaholic. There is nothing more that i love than brightly coloured makeup and sparkly nail polish to set off the "OMG,I need that" chant in my head.

My favourite thing to do on my days off is to go wandering round town weighed down by lots of carrier bags and knowing I've got the latest "IT" item in my collection.

But then at the end of the month and the dreaded bank statement comes through. Thats when the old "shoppers remorse" hits. Did I really need that bright pink lipstick that matches the other 29 in the drawer?? 

The old internet doesn't help either with all those brightly coloured emails, saying discount and special offer .

I guess Im just gullible but I cant help myself. Now Im on a no buy , ( well, at least till the next payday lol)

Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

Till next time,

Happy Spending

Zoe xx

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Well, after weeks of "Shall I ? Shan'tI?" I finally took the plunge and decided to write a blog.

For 2 years I have been a follower of so many inspirational make up guru's on YouTube and I so wanted to be like them and be confident and make new friends from all across the world. But unfortunately Im far too shy and so have just been content to carry on watching their amazing talent. People like +Melissa Raymond , +Samantha Schuerman , +Lisa Eldridge , +Kristin Gehm , and +emilynoel83 to name just a few.

They are just so amazing in the looks they create and the videos they make, that time just flies by whilst watching their enormous talent.

I, unfortunately am not blessed to be in front of a camera, but I am more confident writing how I feel and what I am doing.

My blog I hope will tell a little more about me, my love of shopping (especially makeup and cosmetics) and it will be a little dive into my world and the craziness that can surround it.

I will try to post pictures on what I buy, looks that I will try to recreate and just my world in general.

So, if you have made it this far, thankyou so much for taking the time to read this, and buckle yourself in, this could be one bumpy journey.

Happy Reading

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