Monday, 31 March 2014

I Don't Like To Moan But ........

Hi to you all, today's post is going to be a very different post to what I normally write but to be honest I feel like I just have to get this off my chest.

As most of you know, I work in the retail business for a big Pharmacy company. Now I have worked for them for 14 years. Over that time there have been many instances where I and my colleagues have faced abuse, verbal abuse and not just from youngsters or teenagers. Lately it has been from middle aged, well to do men and women and even from the elderly.

I suppose that most of you will think that anyone could work in retail, and I guess to a point that may be true, many a time there have been instances where I have been told my job isn't rocket science, and you don't need a degree to work a till. But, you do need patience and broad shoulders to work with the public, as the name calling and the shouting can get very hard to deal with, and very upsetting at times. We don't get paid a fat lot to be fair, and okay it isn't the world's most important job to do. I do not get paid enough to be yelled at and pointed at and just have to put up with it.

When I walk into a shop, I have a good look around and see if I can find the products I am looking for, if I can't, then I politely and quietly ask them if they would mind telling me where the product is. If it's out of stock, then that's fair enough,I'm unlucky I don't start shouting at the person saying " well you're advertising it on the tv, they had them in that other store I went into." How is it that person's fault that they have sold out, how is it their fault you saw it on the television???

People really need to start considering other people and their feelings. I wouldn't shout down a shop to get that persons attention, I would go up to them and ask them what I needed to know. I have people barge into me with their pushchairs, I have had them bang their shopping bags off my head when I have been stocking shelves. I have had people throw the products that they wanted to buy 5 minutes ago at me, just because they have had to wait a little while because there is a queue.

Today was the straw that broke the camels back. To have a grown man and woman shouting in my face and squaring up to me over 40p !!!!!! 40p that they were not entitled to anyway, and I had gone out of my way and phoned Head Office up for them, when I really did not need to do that, is out of order.

If you are a customer in a shop, please remember that the staff are not robots and they are not there to be treated as if they are dirt on your shoe. They have lives, they have feelings and they are doing that job just to provide for their family, and to keep a roof over their head. They may have other issues that you don' know about, and are fighting so hard just to keep their head above water, so please think about how that person is feeling before you abuse and swear and treat them like the lowest of the low.

Give them a smile and just say hi. It just might brighten their day.

Love and Hugs

Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 2014 Empties

Yes, I know everyone says this but its true, where has March gone? It's shocking how fast the months are flying by, it only seems like yesterday when we were celebrating Valentines Day. Right onto today's post, my empties, I think I only have a few to talk about this time compared to last month when there was loads and I could hardly fit them into the special bag I keep all of them stored in, inside my wardrobe.
First up is a pack of Johnsons facial wipes, I loved these great for removing all your make up including that stubborn black eye liner that I can never get off my waterline. They are so refreshing and moisturising too, that some nights I never used my Origins night cream as I felt my skin was moisturised enough with what was contained in each of the wipes.
Next is this beautiful body shimmer lotion, that I received in my Glossybox last month. It was such a lovely product, really gave my skin a beautiful shimmer and sheen, that lasted the whole day. It was a very thin, slightly watery product, but you just have to be very careful in how much you tip into the palm of your hand because a couple of times I forgot how thin it was and ended up spilling some on my bed cover. The smell, it was gorgeous, a sweet cherry scent that fragranced the whole bedroom. I was sad to see that I had finished this.
This was a sample of Clinique's Super Defence moisturiser, containing SPF. It was a thick moisturiser but really blended nicely into the skin and didn't leave a greasy film.
I finally finished all of the different samples of the Urban Decay primer potions that I received with my Naked 3 palette last year. I love the original primer potion and the others were nice to use, but I do still prefer the original to the others that I tried in this set.
This Nivea shower cream was lovely to use, felt very luxurious but gentle enough that my little boy could use it too without it stinging his eyes or being too strong smelling that he would be worried about smelling "girly" lol. It lathered up beautifully and so you only needed a tiny amount on the shower puff.
This is one of my favourite toothpastes and you will probably see one of these in each of my monthly empties blogs. It is minty tasting but not too overly strong as my little boy hates anything too minty, in his words "its too spicy" lol.
I had never tried this mouthwash before, so thought it be nice to try. It is a very good mouthwash and I may purchase it in the future because oral hygiene is so very important, no one wants pongy breath do they???? Well, I know I don't that's for sure!!!!
The L'Oreal haircare range is one of the best on the market. They are just fabulous products and the shampoos seem to last for ages.
I finally finished the Herbal Essences Bee Strong conditioner, it is a lovely conditioner and smells gorgeous. I like to have a variety of haircare products available in my shower as I get bored often with my shampoos and conditioner and so switch them around quite often.
I was devastated when I finished my beloved Mac Fix + , and so sent my partner out to get another one the very same day. It is fantastic for helping to keep your make up in place and I also use it to spray a little on my brush when I want the eyeshadow colour to be a little more intense. I don't have to worry about running out again for a while as he purchased the large size bottle for me.

I finished my Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation. I loved this product, it gave me a full coverage, and a matte finish to my skin which is so important to me, as I have such a shiny T-Zone so I need something extremely matte to reduce the chances of my face looking like an oil slick.

Well,that's it for my March empties. I hope you enjoyed rooting through my rubbish bag with me. How have you got on this month? Did you manage to finish any products, let me know in the comments below.

Love and Hugs

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Barry M's New Gelly Shine Lip Crayons

Now, you all know I love Barry M for their fantastic nail paints, but now they have launched a new product called their Gelly shine lip crayons, and I just knew I had to try them out and see whether they were any good. Every brand seems to be coming out with these lip crayons, Rimmel, Bourjois, Revlon, just to name a few. Barry M had had some lip crayons from a few years before, but these are the Gelly Shine and they really do live up to their name.

They are quite sheer to what I was expecting, but the really do glide over the lips, so there is no tugging or dragging, which is important. They are very moisturising and give your lips a really good shine and look glossy.

Unfortunately, there are no nude or peach shades from I what I have seen and the four I purchased were all bright pinks, a red shade and a burgundy colour, so if you are a peach/coral/nude lover, you won't like these. But hopefully Barry M will launch more colours later on.

 The second colour and the fourth are my favourites out of the four that I bought. I love the vampy,dark shade of the last colour, will be perfect for when wearing a smoky eye look. The only thing about Barry M's lip range is that they never put shade names. I don't know why but shade names are so important for me, 1, 2, 3, 4 just does not do the products justice I don't think. They do it for the nail polishes so why not for the lipsticks and eye shadow products.

They last for about 3-4 hours I have found before you need to touch them up, but that is fine for me as my shift at work is only 4 hours long and so this is perfect.

At the moment you can purchase these for the really low cost of £4.99, and they are a fantastic product for moisturising and giving you a glossy finish to your lip colour.

I highly recommend them for travel as they are very lightweight and so are very easy to just throw in your handbag and off you go.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know if you have any of these and what colours you have bought or wanting to get for your collection.

Love and Hugs

My Bobbi Brown Beauty Makeover Experience

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. Today I thought I would tell you all about my Bobbi Brown Beauty Makeover I was very lucky to have on Wednesday. It all came about last week when I did a small Bobbi Brown haul, and whilst I was at the counter, the lovely lady who was serving me asked me if I would like to receive a makeover and of course me being me, I jumped at the chance.

On Wednesday I will admit I was a little nervous, because the lady had explained that it was going to be done at the actual Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges but in the main part of the Bullring where everybody would be walking past. But I really wanted to receive this makeover so I pushed back the nerves and trotted off into town.

From the first moment I got there I was made to feel really comfortable because the girls there were so friendly and welcoming. Christine, the lady who would be doing my make over was so lovely and really went into depth about the Bobbi Brown brand and asked me lots of questions on what my skin was like, how I like my make up, etc etc.

I look miserable in this photo but I really wasn't, I was making sure that I really paid attention to all the details she was telling me. First off, Christine used a cleansing oil to remove the make up I was already wearing, it felt very nice and luxurious on the skin, but didn't leave my skin greasy, then, a toner was applied and that felt really gentle and cooling. Now I suffer with very bad dark circles under my eyes and so she put a brightening concealer there and it really lightened up that area, and I really did look refreshed.

When Christine asked me the types of colours I would like for my main part of the make over I decided I wanted to go for natural shades and neutrals, and so she applied a moisture rich foundation as she said my skin was dry, I thought I had oily/combination, so that puzzled me, but I went along with it, then she applied a cream blush, which I don't wear that often, as I prefer powder but it was nice as it just added a delicate flush of colour to my cheekbones.

On my eyes I was lucky enough to be able to test one of the newer palettes from Bobbi Brown, the nectar and nude palette, which comes complete with beautiful champagne and taupe colours. The matte shade was applied in the crease then a beautiful champagne sparkly glitter applied over the eye lid. It looked beautiful. Im rubbish at applying eye liner so just normally stick to putting on my waterline but Christine chose the chocolate shimmer gel eye liner to apply along my eyelid and winged it out into a sort of cat eye look, it was totally gorgeous and I will DEFINITELY be buying that eye liner at some point in the future. The mascara that I chose to have was the Smoky Lash mascara, and it looked gorgeous as I knew it would because I had purchased it a few days before and I loved the look it gave to my lashes. Then lastly, a melon lipstick with a beautiful glossy finish was applied, and then it was all over.
This was the finished look. I think I look really pretty with this make up. Christine asked me if I would like to purchase any of the products and I chose the eye shadow palette and the blush, as I wanted to purchase the blush for my sister, but unfortunately they were out of stock of the blush, but I managed to get hold of the palette thank goodness.

Overall, I had the most wonderful time at the make over and truly recommend everyone seeing if they can get a make over done at their Bobbi Brown counter. Their knowledge and expertise is second to none, and Christine in particular was lovely with me.

Me and Christine.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you have received a make over any where and what you thought of the whole experience.

Till next time,

Love and Hugs

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Source of shower inspiration??

For me,( well for any parent in fact), taking a shower can be a little bit of "me time", where for just a few precious moments you can be alone and not have to worry about hearing your little one screaming your name or shouting for attention. I always take my shower very early in the morning before Daniel wakes up, so I can savour those precious few moments of looking after myself and not rushing to get back to dealing with his little tasks that need doing.

If in those few moments you can use a product that feels luxurious when applying it and smells beautiful then all the better, and I have found such a product, and they are the Original Source shower gels and scrubs. They are beautiful, they are packed with gorgeous ingredients, such as tea tree, and, lavender, and lemon and they smell so good you almost wish to taste them ( but of course you don't!!)

The shower gels come in lovely plastic recyclable containers, which is fab because if we don't look after our planet, who else will?? They are so easy to wipe over and keep them looking clean and nice in your bathroom. There is 250mls of product in each bottle, you don't need to use very much on your sponge, because it lathers up beautifully, and so the whole shower gel will last a good long while.

They come in a whole range of scents including :-

Coconut shower gel.
Lemon and Tea Tree shower gel.
Lavender shower gel.
Tea tree and mint shower gel.
Lime shower gel
Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel
Cranberry and Honey shower scrub.

So with all of these different scents I am sure there is a scent for everyone.

All the shower gels are made with natural plant extracts and so you know they are going to be very gentle if you have sensitive skin. I have personally used the coconut shower gel and the Cranberry and honey shower scrub and they are both fantastic.
I was a little worried with the scrub because normally I cant stand them, because they normally feel as if you are rubbing harsh grit all over your body and ends up making my skin feel all sore and scratched. But this one is just so gentle and yes there are fine grains in there but they are really gentle and don't hurt the skin in any way. And the coconut one just smells delicious and makes me want to eat a Bounty bar when I come out the shower. I also love the way they have the cute little sayings on the front too "328 tropical days helped ripen the coconut in this" and "425 crushed cranberry seeds are packed into this".

All in all they are beautiful products that if you wanted you could leave off using a body lotion after your shower too because your skin feels so moisturised afterwards, the scent really lingers, and your bathroom smells wonderful which is an added bonus.

I will definitely be trying more of this particular range of shower gels and encourage you to try them too. I think they are on special too at the moment at £1.99 which is an even better time to try them out.

This post is not sponsored and I bought these products with my own money.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments which scent you have tried or will be trying.

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Makeup Geek Haul

Hi everyone. I hope your week is going well. Today I wanted to talk to you about a little haul I recently did from Makeup Geek.

If you watch YouTube, then you will probably know who I'm talking about. The lady who owns the company is so lovely and her name is Marlena, she has made a whole make up line and I have heard so many people raving about her products, that I really wanted to give them a go.

Because I normally buy my shadows in palettes already made up I knew that I would need to buy a Z palette to put them in. This is the pink coloured palette that you see in the picture. It came supplied with magnets which is perfect for if you want to depot any of your other shadows you have magnets to put on the bottom of the pans to keep them secure and in place.

When I went onto the website to choose the eye shadows to put in the palette, I was dumbstruck. The variety of the shades, nearly all the colours of the rainbow, and all the different finishes was outstanding, and it must have took me a good hour to decide on my final shades. I only chose 6 this time, just in case I wasn't overly impressed with the quality.

The website was so easy to order from and made the whole process so simple and problem free.
The parcel took just over a week to arrive, which wasn't bad considering it was coming from the good old US of A. The one thing I was not happy about was the fact that I had to pay a customs charge which was an extra £15.00 on top of the money I had already spent, and I was not aware of being told of this charge whilst ordering my products.

I will say though that the eye shadows are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They are buttery soft to apply, they don't have hardly any fallout and they blend like a dream. Gorgeous products. I chose mainly neutral to ensure that I will use them a lot, instead of being left in a drawer because I just don't like really bright colours any more.

I will now show you the colours and the swatches.

I know, what you are thinking they are all brown, or shades of brown/taupe. But to me, they are all beautiful different shades with a variety of finishes, some were matte and some were shimmery, and all of the colours will give me different eye looks. At the time of purchase they were $5.99 each, and so really they were not very expensive at all.

Overall, I would recommend Makeup geek and their eye shadows. I will be purchasing more at some point, but, I did not like the fact that I was charged the Customs tax before I could pick the parcel up.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this range before, or if I have persuaded you to give them a try.

Love and Hugs

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Bloggers Do It Better Challenge

Hi all. Hope you are all well.

As most of you know I like to take part in Blogging challenges, because I feel as I am relatively new to the whole Blogosphere (I've only been blogging for 6 months), I feel that this will help me talk about and post interesting topics as well as subjects that I am comfortable with i,e beauty.

Gemma from TouchofBelle has recently begun a new challenge which will be posting new topics for us to talk about every fortnight on a Monday, and so I am really looking forward to pushing myself and educating myself on a wide range of subjects. Another reason I am looking forward to taking part in this is because hopefully I will get to meet lots of new bloggers and make loads of new friends.

All you need to take part is to message Gemma, ( with your name,email, and your blog URL. It doesn't matter what you normally base your blog around, everyone can take part in this and join us on this exciting Blogging adventure.

I really hope you will all join us and take part in this exciting journey.

Love and Hugs

Bobbi Brown Haul

Sometimes in life there are times when only splurging on high end make up items and beauty stuff will do. I know I normally try to keep to drug store make up and venture into the Mac and Urban Decay occasionally but I really wanted to purchase some Bobbi Brown items.

I do own 2 eye shadows from her range that I bought a couple of years ago, in the shades Bone and Taupe and I love them but I really wanted to try some other products that I had had heard people rave about. So last Wednesday, off I trotted into Selfridges in the Bull Ring and chose 3 items that I thought would most likely become staple items in my make up collection.

The first thing I chose was the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick in the colour Beige

I chose this particular shade, because I felt it would be a great multiuse product. I could use it as a mini eyeshadow palette, or as a bronzer or even as a highlight. I love products that you can use for lots of different things as they are so practical if you have to take them travelling with you, as it is so compact and therefore wont take up much room in your make up bag. This was £32.00 but I just know it will last me a very long time.

Next, I chose the gel eye liner as I have heard so many people saying how brilliant it is and gives a deep opaque line along either the lash line or on the waterline. I really want to see how the gel liner holds up on my waterline as I struggle to find a liner that will still be as opaque when I finish my shift at work as when I applied it in the morning. The gel eye liner was £17.50, which was a little high but I will see how well I like the liner as to whether I purchase any more in different colours.

Then, lastly I really had to look around as they had some really beautiful products and I could not choose so I just went for the Smoky Lash Mascara, as this is supposed to be one of the top selling products of Bobbi Brown. I have to say I love the sleek and classy packaging, and look forward to trying this out. Immediately, I love the style of the wand and hopefully my lashes will look volumised and lengthened with this mascara. I feel that the £22.00 that this cost me was quite good compared to some mascaras on the market at the moment.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you own any Bobbi Brown products that you think I will like.

Love and Hugs
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