Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Review

I have so been looking forward to reviewing this for you, and having this in my collection. I had been watching YouTubers and bloggers raving about this product for ages, and the whole palette just looked beautiful and really something that I knew I would wear over and over again as it had so many neutral shade that I love to use.
Isn't the case just so pretty and classy. The case is made of tin and so is great to take on holiday as the shadows are protected so well.
Just look at all those beautiful shades. I love that the shade names are all chocolate related colours. Once opening the case, it is so lovely because a strong waft of cocoa immediately hits the senses, so if you love chocolate, this will definitely be a hit for you. All the eye shadows have a trace of cocoa included in them and that is why the whole palette smells so chocolatey.

The only downside to this palette is that the names of the shades are only written on the back of the cardboard cover and the plastic sheet inside the case. I prefer to have them embossed under the shadows but that is only a minor thing and so does not detract from my love for this stunning palette. Some of my favourite shades to use are Black Forest Truffle, Marzipan, Salted Caramel (this is a great shade to put in the crease to blend out with) and Hazelnut. There are matte shades, shimmer shades and shades with tiny pieces of glitter and so everyone will find an eye shadow that they really like in this palette.

These shadows are buttery soft, with hardly any fallout, they are easy to blend and are packed with pigmentation. They make any eye shadow look, whether it is simply a one shade look or an intricate four colour look so easy to do. In looking at the swatches below, hopefully you will see how pigmented the shadows are.
Row 1 Swatches
Row 2 Swatches
Row 3 Swatches

I found this beauty on Ebay and bought it for £36. Yes, I can all hear you shout that it is expensive, but when you see that there are 16 different shades then I really think it is a total bargain and a must for every beauty addicts collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you have this palette, what your favourite shades are.

Till next time,


  1. I really really really want to try this palette - looks so lovely xx


    1. Its beautiful. Definitely everyone needs to own it xx

  2. I'd love this palette but I already have Naked 1,2 and 3 so I really can't justify any more neutrals!

    1. It is definitely worth the investment though. Im really pleased I gave in and got it xx


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