Thursday, 31 July 2014

July 2014 Empties

Wow!! How fast did July fly by. It feels like only yesterday I was talking about June's empties. This past month I have really been trying to focus on using products in my stash and trying (emphasis on the word "trying") not to purchase too many new things.It is so hard for me, with all the new products being launched, that the compulsive shopper in me just screams out "Buy, buy,buy". The one area I have really improved is my perfume collection. I am really going working my stash, and this month have used up not just 1, but 2 perfumes. That is unheard of for me, and it it has pleased me that I am really knuckling down on that area.

The two perfumes are Alien by Thierry Mugler and Lady Gaga's Fame. They were both really beautiful, and I loved wearing them, but there are so many new perfumes coming onto the market at the moment, that at Xmas, when my partner normally buys me Alien, I am going to ask for something completely different, so that I can vary what I wear.

Finished off 2 shampoos, which was good. But,I let myself down when I had a momentary blip and purchased 2 more when I knew I already had lots in my collection that I could have used up. But, never mind, that just shows that I need to show more restraint, and work hard at walking past offers and bargains. They are never a bargain if you do not need them!!!

Dental hygiene is very important to me, and so go through toothpaste and mouthwash like it is going out of fashion. I loved the Colgate mouthwash and toothpaste, and would definitely repurchase and have done on many occasions. But, the mouthwash from Tesco, really did not impress me all that much, and I really don't feel that it helped keep my mouth and teeth feeling any cleaner or fresher.
I love this Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser, and have already started on my back up of it, as I love it that much. It is just the ease of use, that just really wows me. In the mornings I do not have much time when getting ready to go to work, so I need products that are going to work quickly and this does. You just spray it on the areas you want moisturised and rub it in, and Wham!you are done and ready to get dressed. It is such a fine mist that is sprayed and just gets blended into the skin straight away, so that you can get dressed straight after, without the worry of not being able to get into your clothes as they are sticking to the lotion. Another plus to it, is the smell. It is lovely, a cocoa/chocolate smell, and really lingers enough to make the whole room smell nice.
This shaving gel was from Poundland, and it was okay. I think it was designed for men as it was quite a masculine fragrance, but it did the job and helped me to shave my legs easier and without cutting so yes, I would repurchase but only if there weren't others that i would prefer.
I finally finished this No7 melting gel cleanser. I feel like I have been using this product for years,lol. It is a fabulous cleanser, and really worked well, with the brush that I bought in conjunction with it. It is a little like the Clarisonic brush, but much cheaper and from No7. It really got rid of the stubborn make up and was really gentle on the skin too, and made it feel beautifully soft and clean.
This shower gel, I have had for years stuffed in the back of a drawer. I found it a few weeks back and decided that I really wanted to use it up. I had been given it as part of a set I had received for Xmas, and had forgotten about it. The brand was made in conjunction with Dannii Minogue, but I think they have stopped making it now. Yep, thats how long I have had it. It was pleasant to use and bubbled up nicely but because it was only small, it only lasted 4 or 5 days and it was all gone.

Yay!! At last, I have used up completely 2 make up items. The Lancome mini mascara had lasted me for months and months, and it was a fantastic mascara. It gave me great volume and length to my lashes, but then came off easily at the end of the day when I was removing my make up. The Creme Puff I had worked my way through and used every last scrap of powder in there. It is a fantastic product at keeping my oily T Zone looking matte throughout my working day, and although it has been around for donkeys years, and all the old dears come into my store to buy it over and over, I can honestly see why they do. It is brilliant.
I think this was included in the goody bag at the very first Bloggers Meet I went to, back in March. It is a 24 hour brightening cream, and I got a good 2 days worth of use out of this little sachet. I don't feel that it brightened my skin, but it really helped moisturise and I really like products that give a good feeling to my skin.

Well, that is all of my empties for this month. How have you been doing at working your beauty collection and using things up?' Let me know in the comments if you have been doing well, or even if you haven't managed one thing. We can all motivate one another to keep trying.

Till next time,

Have you tried Seventeen's Shimmer Brick?

You may well know, if you have been a reader of mine for a while, that I do love my high end products, but on the other side of the coin, if I can get a bargain of a product that has the quality of a high end product, I will definitely keep it and review it for you.

Now, even though I work for the company that owns the brand Seventeen (formerly known as 17), I really have not ventured that far into the range, because I used to think that if it was cheap then it was probably no good. But I am very pleased to say that this beauty of a product has totally changed my mind on this. I love cheek products at the moment, and have really been into bronze cheeks and eyes and even my nails have been shades of bronze too. I think it is just the perfect sunny, summery weather that really lends well to tanned golden make up, and that is why I felt the urge to try this little product out.

Seventeen call it a shimmer brick, and it comes in two colours, either Pink Bronze or Gold Bronze. I opted for the pink tone as I thought it would look good to be used as blush too.
It is a definite shimmer product. So if you don't like glitter and gleam, then do not get this product because each strip is full on shimmer. I love the fact that it is such a multi use product, it can be used as a blush, a bronzer, a highlighter and even an eye shadow palette. So really you have 7 different products for the earth shatteringly low price of £4.99!!!!! That is so much a bargain that I struggle to get my head around it. You can use the different strips to create the different looks or you could just get a stippling brush and swirl it around in the four different strips to create just one colour to sweep onto the cheeks.

The powder is buttery soft and glides onto the skin so easily, there is no drag, and they are so pigmented, with the swatches you will see below, that was only one sweep through with my finger and there was plenty of product on.

Aren't the colours just so pretty, and with such pigmentation and such versatility for a fantastic price, I really cant see how you can go wrong. I am so thrilled that I purchased this and will have it in my collection for a long time I feel. Another thing that just came to me is the ease of taking this on holiday with you. It is in a plastic case and is very light and quite compact and so would not take up much room in anyone's make up bag.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post, and really recommend you checking this little gem of a product out.

Till next time,

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My Bare Minerals Haul

I love getting small kits from brands, that have some trial and a couple of full sizes of products in them so that you can try out quite a few products for a reduced price. All of these I purchased from Boots about 3 weeks ago now, and they were in a set for between £20 and £25.00 so not very expensive really for the 5 products that you get included in the box.

Basically, I desperately wanted the Prime Time primer as I have seen so many people talking about it and how good it is at keeping your foundation in place all day.
It recommends that you only use it with a Bare Minerals foundation. But I wont be, I will and have been using it with other brands and different types of foundations, from liquids to stick type foundations.

Next out the box was a brush. Now a beauty lover like me, can never have too many brushes in her collection, so this was a welcome sight.
It is a mini brush, and so would be perfect for anyone travelling. The bristles are super soft and I have used it with powder products and foundation too, and it really applies smoothly, and doesn't drag at the skin.
I have used this mascara before, and I was not all that impressed with it, as my lashes did not look voluminous or lengthened in any way, so I will give this a go, and see whether my opinion on it has changed.
This mineral veil, I think every girl needs in their beauty kit. I love it and really helps maintain my make up look throughout the whole day. Because of my oily skin, I need something that is going to keep my skin looking matte, as I hate when I look like a huge grease ball. I just buff it into the skin with the brush that is included in the kit, and off to work I go.

I was so excited to see this full size Marvellous Moxie lip gloss in the box. It is a deep purple shade called "Daredevil" and I love it.

It is a gorgeous berry shade, and has a doe foot applicator which helps to apply the gloss in one even stroke. It doesn't apply as dark as it shows in the tube, but I really don't mind that. I will admit, it is a little sticky on application, so if you don't like that feeling, you may not like this gloss. It will really look great in the upcoming Autumn and Winter months.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have you ever bought one of these kits? If you have let me know in the comments below, I would love to read what you have received in them.

Till next time,

Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Sanctuary Salt Scrub Review

Hi everybody. Hope you are all doing well. Today I'm going to review a product that I have been trying out for a couple of weeks now and that is the Sanctuary Salt Scrub. The Sanctuary brand has been around for a good few years now, and it is extremely popular with many people. The brand always does fantastic gift sets around Christmas time and are one of the best sellers in the store where I work.

To be honest, I was not always a fan, as I found that the scent of the products wasn't always too my liking and seemed a little too musky, as I preferred the Soap And Glory range and tended to veer towards that brand rather than Sanctuary. But, in the last 18 months I have really been liking the Sanctuary products after my sister was very kind to by me one of their gift sets for my birthday, and the scent has really grown on me.

Then about a month ago, I noticed a few people raving about the Sanctuary Salt Scrub and how amazing it was. Up until this point I had never tried it, and so bit the bullet and went and purchased it. Now, I will admit, this is NOT the product to take travelling. It is a huge glass jar and closes with a metal clasp system.
This is more of a product that will always stay in your bathroom when you want to pamper yourself and make your skin feel super smooth and luxurious. The granules of the scrub are not too large, that they feel like you are rubbing pebbles all over you, but they are not too small, that you cant feel that you are exfoliating yourself. I really pay attention to my elbows and my knees when using this scrub, and I have really noticed the difference that has been in the texture of those areas, il this beautiful sunny and hot weather we have been experiencing in the UK, my knees and elbows have really been drying up and so wanted a product that will help reduce this from happening, and this so does.
As you can see from the photo above, the scrub does come with quite a lot of oil in it, this is one of the best things about this product I have found. It is so luxurious feeling, it makes you feel as if you are really giving your skin, just the perfect treat. Although, be careful when using it, as the oil, can make the bath or shower very very slippery, and so please be aware of this factor. Once out of the bath, you really needn't use a body lotion after if you don't want because I have found my skin to be smelling so nice and it feels so soft, that I the normal next step is not needed.
I have been using the scrub for two weeks solid now and have hardly made a dent in the quantity in the jar, so this product will last you months and months. In the jar you get 650g of product and it costs £11.50, which I know is not the cheapest product out there on the market, but I think for the quality of the product you are getting the price is very much worth it.

So, my verdict on the Sanctuary Salt Scrub, is that I would definitely recommend it as a product that you need in your bathroom, to give you the ultimate in a pampering treat.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, please let me know in the comments, if you have tried this product and what you think of it. Or have you used other products in this range, let me know what products you recommend. I love hearing all your feedback.

Till next time,

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The British Tag

Hi everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely day. Here in Birmingham it has been gloriously sunny and a scorching 28 C. When the weather is really beautiful as it has been over the last few weeks, it reminds me how our country really is such a lovely place to live and why I love being British. So, on that note, I thought I would do the tag, that has been doing the rounds lately, which is The British Tag. I saw this on Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholders blog, and although she had not tagged me in it, I feel sure that she would not mind me writing about it on my blog page.

1) How many cups of tea do you have in a day? How many sugars?
I'm not a very big tea drinker and so only tend to have 1 or 2 cups at the most, and I have to have 2 sugars in it. Yes, I know it is bad for me, but I have a very sweet tooth.

2) What is the favourite part of your roast dinner?
It definitely has to be the roast potatoes. I love them, the crunchier the better.

3) What are your favourite biscuits?
I like Custard Creams the best, although they do tend to fall apart if you dunk them in your tea for too long.

4) What is my favourite British past time?
I'm not quite sure to be honest as to how to answer this question, but I guess eating strawberries and cream in the summer would count as one of my favourite things to do in the British Summer.

5) What is your favourite part of Britain?
Although I have not been there for many years, it would have to be London. I just love everything to do with the Royals, I love all the palaces, and the architecture, and the history, and would love to go there shopping, especially in Harrods. That would be one to tick off my bucket list, if I could go shopping there. I haven't been to London in 17 years, and so need to go back and soon.

6)What is your favourite British holiday?
That would be Wales. I love the countryside, and the beaches. It is just so peaceful and lovely. We used to go when we were children, and I just have the most amazing memories from those times.

7) What is your favourite British sweet?
Oh my goodness, this is a hard question to answer. I love sweets and so this is a toughie. Maybe Rhubarb and Custards, or Pineapple Rock, oh the list is endless. I could be here all night choosing.

8)What would your pub be called?
I think it would be, "The Black Rose", that sounds pretty traditional doesn't it?!?

9) Who is your No.1 favourite British person.
Queen Elizabeth definitely. I just think she is the most wonderful person, full of grace, dignity, and elegance. She has ruled this country for so long, and I just think she is so inspirational.

10) What is your favourite British coastline?
I can't answer this question as I really do not know.

11) Who is your favourite British Artist?
I am going to think of this question that they are asking about musical artists, and my answer would be Elton John. He is amazing, his music is just timeless and the songs from the 70's still sound as relevant today as they did back then. Plus the amount he does for charity is immense.

12) What is your opinion on Marmite?
I like it. I could not eat lots and lots of it. But Marmite on toast is really nice.

Well, that is the end of the tag. I hope you have enjoyed reading my answers and I tag everyone reading this to either do the post on your own blogs, or if you don't write blogs, then leave me some of your answers in the comments below.

Till next time

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Body Shop Summer Essentials

Hi everyone. The weather in little Ol' Birmingham has been absolutely lovely for the past couple of days. Really hot and sunny! Makes up for getting absolutely soaked in the thunderstorms last Saturday. I hope the weather has been just as nice wherever you are. Anyway, on with today's blog, I hadn't been in The Body Shop for absolutely ages, and so when I had the opportunity last weekend, I knew exactly what I would be purchasing as I had had my mental list for so long.

I love shopping in The Body Shop, it always looks so clean and tidy and really makes you want to browse through all their goodies on sale. The first thing I wanted was one of their Sorbet shower gels. They had been raved about for ages and I really could not decide between the Strawberry or the Pink Grapefruit. After a long amount of deliberation I picked the Pink Grapefruit. O.M.G. It smells delicious, really makes your mouth water, it is so reminiscent of the actual fruit.

Next up was the Raspberry Body Scrub and Body Lotion. Originally I just wanted the body lotion, but the lovely lady who served me said that if I got the body scrub as well, the scrub would only cost me £3.00. So that was a total bargain. They both smell very sweet and nice, and the shower gel, looks exactly like Raspberry Jam does in the jars you can get in the supermarkets.

Last, but not least, I have heard lots of people saying how good the Honey Bronzer is from The Body Shop, so I knew I just had to pick one of those up too. They did have it in a set with a dry oil bronzer and a lip balm, but I just knew that I would not wear the those, and I did not want to waste my money, so just picked up the single bronzer. The design on the actual powder is just too cute, and part of me, (the neat freak) doesn't want to destroy it. But, use it I will, and I will let you know how many uses it took before the design totally wears off.

How cute is that?!?

Well, that was my small haul from The Body Shop. I hope you enjoyed your little peek into my shopping bag. Let me know in the comments, if you have any recommendations that you think I should look out for next time.

Love and Hugs

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Graze Boxes:Are they any good???

Hi everyone. I, like many other people struggle to keep my weight down. Since being poorly and having my little boy, my weight has just crept up and up, and from going from a size 6/8 before I was pregnant to going to a size 18 whilst pregnant, and then since I have not been able to get much below a size 14. It has been a real shock that I just can't keep the weight off.

I have tried all the diets, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Slimming World, and lots of others too, and yes I lost the weight whilst on the diet, but once my weight plateaued then I would just gain the weight back and more. I am the first to admit, I love my cakes, and would eat them from breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could, but I do restrain myself and try to only have them once as a treat during the day. For breakfast, I eat cereals and fruit, for lunch, I just have a sandwich and then for dinner, I have a calorie controlled meal, so I don't think I do too badly.

Except, and it is a big except, I snack, and with having a little boy who loves, biscuits, crisps, and sweets, this is my greatest fall down, as it is just so easy to finish the bag of crisps he has left on the chair, and oh, I fancy a cuppa, well, it would be rude not to have a biccie to dunk in it. Then the one biscuit turns into 4 or 5 biscuits, and my good behaviour gets ruined all in one fell swoop.

That is why, I thought I would try the Graze box, as they all contain 4 equal portions of healthy snacks. So when you feel yourself reaching for that odd biscuit or packet of dry roasted peanuts, you can just grab one section of the box and snack away knowing that it is healthy and good for you, and there is no guilt involved.
I love that the boxes are made from cardboard, so that it is all recyclable and good for the environment. You can choose how often you order them too, I have mine ordered every 2 weeks, and so it is something to look forward to receiving every fortnight. They have such a huge variety of different snacks that you can choose, and each box you get, you can rate how you found each little section, so that if there was something in the box that you were not too keen on, you can ask that it not be included again. I had a little sample of curry flavoured biscuits with a dip, and it wasn't really my kind of thing, so I just requested that I not receive that again.

But on the other hand, I have loved nearly everything else, you get lots of cheesy nibbles, and dried fruit which I love, and nuts and even chocolate covered honeycomb which is delicious. In this fortnights box, I received the lemon curd flapjack and it was beautiful. Can't wait to receive that again in a future box.
You also get the chance to perhaps try things you had never tried before. I had always turned my nose up at pumpkin seeds, but they were in one of the boxes and they were quite nice, and so I can tick that off my list of foods I'd like to try.

Also, included in the box is a leaflet, giving you all the nutritional elements of each little portion, so that you know that everything you eat is healthy and good for you. It also lists the best eaten before dates, because they are all fresh foods, and so it gives you an idea of what you should eat first and then last, without having to worry that the little portions will have gone bad before you get the chance of getting round to eating them.

I am so glad, that I signed up with Graze as I know that in there small way they are going to encourage me to eat healthier. I pay £3.99 for each box. But on my first box, because I was referred by a friend, and used her discount code, I got my first box for free, and you can unsubscribe at any time, so there is absolutely no obligation to carry on, but I will be, simply because I think the snacks are tasty and healthy.

So, if you feel like you would like to try Graze, I have a referral code  that will get your first box free. Its ZOEA3G4WP, just enter that on the online form, and you will get your chance to try their healthy snacks.

*I am not in anyway affiliated with Graze and am definitely not being paid for this review. I just genuinely enjoy their Graze boxes and think that my readers would like them too, on our daily battle to live much healthier lives.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you have tried the Graze snack boxes and what you think of them.

Till next time,
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