Sunday, 31 August 2014

August 2014 Empties

This month has not been very good for using things up. I guess that is a good thing in the long run, as I am getting more use out of my products, but when you are trying to reduce the amount of old things down in my collection, it seems to be taking me forever.
This L'Occitane shower gel, was beautiful. I really enjoyed using it, and if I hadn't already got lots of shower gels already to use up, I would definitely go out and repurchase it. It smelt of cherry blossoms, and was so sweet smelling that it left the bathroom and upstairs of my house smelling beautiful. It lathered up really well, and so you felt like you only had to use a tiny amount to shower with.
A relatively new product onto the dental market is this Cavity Protection mouthwash. It was on special offer at the store where I work, and so I thought I would try it out to see how good it was. Overall I really liked it, and would purchase it again. I did find that it left a sort of thin layer over your teeth, mouth and gums, straight after you used it, but I think that was to help with protecting your teeth from the cavities.
You will find the Elegant Touch spray raved about in many of my previous blogs, and probably in many of my future blogs too. I love it so much. It speeds up the drying time of your nail polish, and so, if you are often in a rush like myself, I have not got the time, to sit there and wait for my nail polish to dry, after painting my nails, I spray a little bit of this on each nail, wait 5 minutes and your nail polish is bone dry  so that you can carry on with your daily routine.
Another brand favourite of mine, is the can do no wrong in my eyes, Soap and Glory. This is their body scrub and it is lovely. Now, last year you would not have found me using any scrub like products but I have been experimenting with different ones, and I have found that I am beginning to like them a lot more. This one does not have huge exfoliating beads, and it does not hurt when you use it. I often find that the granules in some scrubs can feel too harsh as if you are scratching away a whole layer of skin whilst you are showering. But this is very gentle, but at the same time, you know your body is clean and any rough areas are feeling a lot smoother.
This toothpaste is great and really does whiten your teeth I think. I have noticed a difference as I drink a lot of herbal teas and coffee and so gradually over time, the slight staining does appear, and so this has helped get my teeth a little whiter.
For me, this shower gel was nice but a huge let down. The product just will not come out of the packaging. At first, it was fine, but the more I used the harder it was to get it out. I even left it standing upside down to try and get the product out, but that didn't work either. The smell of it was gorgeous, as I love anything associated with grapefruit, so I was disappointed that I could not use more of it, so needless to say I wont be repurchasing the Bayliss and Harding shower gels.
This YSL serum was nice and I did a first impressions blog about it last week, but there was hardly any product in there and so could not really get enough product to cover my whole face, which was a little disappointing because if there is not enough product you cannot gain a full opinion about it.
At last, a make up item that I have used up. The L'Oreal gel matic liner was okay but, when you span the casing round to release more of the liner, every time you went to put the liner on your eye, it just retracted straight back up into the pencil. So you could not use it for very long, as one part would be an okay line on your eye and then it would fade into nothing because you couldn't get the gel pencil to come back down out of it's casing. So, that is another product I would not repurchase, as I have found better eye liners on the market than the L'Oreal one.

Well, that is this months empties. How have you managed in using up products? Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time,

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Teeny Tiny Haul feat.O.P.I and Hourglass

I have been very good over the past 3 weeks and have not been shopping very much and have hardly done any online shopping either, which I am very proud of myself for, and I am sure my bank balance is breathing a sigh of relief too. I have been wanting the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette for months and months, and to be fair, every time I saw it was available, the price the sellers wanted it to sell for on Ebay was absolutely ridiculous for 3 powders. Some were selling them for £80+, shocking I know. But I was just browsing through the site and happened across a single Hourglass powder and it was going for a lot, lot less and I just knew I had to have it in my collection.
Just look at that beautiful packaging. Sleek, classy and ever so beautiful. The shade I bought was diffused light and it is truly beautiful.The powder is soft and creamy to the touch and you do not get any fallout when you tap your brush into it. It has a slight yellow tone to this one and really just looks delicate and beautiful, without ever it looking too full on and cakey. Also, I have found that where I have the redness by my nose and cheeks, when I apply a little more of the powder to this part of my face, the redness is concealed, if I am not wearing my full coverage foundations. I really recommend investing in the Hourglass powders, as I know I will be slowly adding the other 5 to my collection over time.

The last thing that I saw on LisaLisaD1's channel (on YouTube), that just looked beautiful,, was the O.P.I polish in Strawberry Margarita.

It is a gorgeous reddish pink, and looks fabulous on both the fingernails and the toe nails, even better if you have a sun tan too, which unfortunately I do not at the moment.
The formula has a real shine too it, and does not apply streaky. You could just wear one coat of it on the nails, but I prefer my nail polishes to be very intense in their colour, so I always apply 2 coats.

So that was my teeny, tiny haul. Do you own either of these products? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and Hugs,

Get Healthy Mondays #3 W/C 25/08/14

Hi everyone. As you all probably know by now, I am on a bid to get myself healthier and looking better at the moment, and last week was so bad, because it was my little boys birthday and I had thrown him 3 little parties so that he could have all his friends and family around to celebrate with him. Inevitably I had to buy crisps, and biscuits, and CAKE!!! Oh, how awful temptation is when it is placed right in front of you and it seems to be calling you from inside the pantry "EAT ME"

But, I really made a good attempt at not having any but on Thursday for some unknown reason the craving was just too bad, and I ate a piece. Even whilst I was eating it, in my brain I was shouting at myself "What are you doing?" About an hour later I could have kicked myself because I had been doing really well at sticking to my food diary 100%. Friday was a better day and I went swimming with the family, and loved it. I love being in the water because it feels like the water is cushioning my bones and joints and I don't feel any pain whatsoever which, as any person with a chronic pain condition will tell you. Any relief, no matter how short, from the pain is very very welcome. I made myself do quite a bit of swimming, but not too much as I knew my bones and body would suffer later during the day.

One of the meals I made last week was Cod in a lime and garlic marinade, with spiced potato wedges and fresh green beans. It was beautiful and I definitely will be making it again soon. Here is a picture of the finished product below.
Monday soon came around, and this week for some unknown reason, (maybe the cake disaster) I felt extremely nervous about weighing in. But luckily I was relieved when I stepped on the scales and I had lost 1lb. I know it is not much but as my partner and family said, it is 1lb off in the right direction and I have now lost 6lbs in total. I am hoping to lose another pound next week, so that hopefully I can get my half a stone award. I just wanted to say as well how proud I am of my partner, as he is on this slimming journey with me, and last week he lost a whopping 7lbs!!! That's half a stone. He is working so hard and you can really see the weight coming off. I have noticed a difference in myself too, in my clothes are becoming a lot looser and some trousers I have had to get rid of as they were constantly falling down, lol.

Well, that was last weeks journey. Hopefully I will continue losing the weight and becoming healthier.

Till next time,

Saturday, 23 August 2014

August 2014 Glossybox

Happy 3rd Birthday to Glossybox. It has been a great 3 years for them and seems as if they are going from strength to strength. If you are unaware of what Glossybox is, it is a monthly beauty subscription box, where you can receive either samples of products and quite often you can receive some full size products. You can get perfumes, body lotions etc etc.

Last month I was a little disappointed with what I received and so I was looking forward to seeing what I would get this month.
First out of the box was a huge bottle of Cleansing Milk, made by the brand Comfort Zone, I have never heard of this company before and so I look forward to trying this and reviewing it for you all. I am sure this bottle will last me months rather than just weeks.

I loved this dinky little cube from Glossybox. It is a cream highlighter and I did swatch it, in order to take photos of it, but they just did not show up on camera, but in real life, it gives a really pretty gleam to the cheeks. It is very silky feeling when I applied it to my skin.

I have heard of Philip Kingsley hair products, but have never tried any of them, and this is supposed to give your hair extra bounce and volume, and so cannot wait to try this out.
I can never do without hand cream, so to see this in box I was really pleased, and I love anything rose scented, so to have a roseberry scented one sounds lovely.
I love how everything in the box is pink orientated. This includes the perfume, I have never heard of this brand before and the bottle pictured in the sample looks really elegant and classy, and so hopefully I will enjoy using this perfume.
Now, you know how addicted to nail polishes I am and so to see a pretty pink polish in the box made my day. Its such a dinky little bottle and will look sweet tucked into the rest of the bottles on my nail polish rack.

Well, that is all the products that I was sent in this months box. I am looking forward to trying them all out, they seem a lot better choices than the products in the last months box.

Let me know in the comments below, what you think of the products that I received.

Love and Hugs

Friday, 22 August 2014

Blogger 2014 Challenge : The Perfect Pairing

I apologise in advance for the state of the Sleek compact. Just like Mac and Nars packaging, once you get marks on them, they just do not come off, which really upsets me as I like to keep my make up and packaging clean and looking nice. As part of the 2014 Bloggers Challenge, our next topic was to come up with two things that make the perfect pairing, this could be anything from clothes, to food, but me being obsessed with everything beauty, I have decided to base my post on an eye shadow palette and lipstick that look fantastic when worn together.

The palette I chose was the Sleek Au Naturel palette. I love it for being able to do really natural barely there looks, or deep, dark smokey looks.

I have been using this palette a lot,and love that you can be so flexible about the looks you can create.  The golden shade is one of my faves to use in the crease and blend out any other colours. All the shadows are extremely soft and buttery smooth to apply. With the darker shades I will say you do get quite a lot of fall out, but that is fine with me as I just wait till after I have applied my eye shadows to do my face make up so that I can clear any powder away. Below are the swatches.

At first glance you may think that the dark shades are virtually the same shades of brown, but they aren't. One has an olive green undertone to it, one has a grey, and another even has a hint of purple to it. This Sleek palette you can find online or in Superdrug stores and is priced at a fantastically reasonable £7.99 for 12 shadows which will last you a long time.

The lipstick I love to wear with it, comes from totally the opposite end of the spectrum price wise, and that is the Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Pink.

I love this lipstick so much. The packaging is simply stunning, and the lipstick is so smooth and creamy to apply, it really does feel like you are wearing an expensive product. The colour does have a hint of peach to it, and so would go with most looks as it is such a neutrally shade. The colour pops if you are wearing a very natural, barely there eye look, or it can look quite a nude lip look if you are wearing a deep, dark smoky eyed look. It is just so adaptable, and I definitely encourage everyone to try this colour out. I will admit, it is not the cheapest of lipsticks, retailing at £37.00 and you can buy them on line, or at John Lewis stores or Selfridges. So, it just shows that inexpensive make up and more luxury brand names can be worn together and create a stunning look.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of the products and what you think of them.

Until next time,

Thursday, 21 August 2014

First Impression : Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator Serum

I am always on the hunt for a fantastic new serum, to help make my foundation go on smoother, and make my skin appear flawless, when it truly isn't. Let's face it, us girls are never happy with the way our skin looks or feels, even if it was picture perfect. I will say, since being in my 30's, my skin has been settling down more. In my teens, I suffered with acne, really bad, so much so I used to get called Pizza Face and it used to embarrass me. In my twenties, I had rosacea really badly on my cheeks, and no matter how much I tried to cover it up with foundation and concealer, it always used to be there. Since getting into make up more, and trying to learn more about skin care and cleansing my face properly instead of using facial wipes all the time, the rosacea is a lot calmer than it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days where it flares up and I look as if I have a fever, but it is much better now. So I have tried lots of primers, from inexpensive brands like Rimmel, and more expensive products like Hourglass. I got this sample out of a magazine, a while ago and have only recently discovered it in my make up stash, so I thought I would use it and give you my first impression and whether I would go out and purchase the full size.

In the sample, I did only get 1ml of product and to be honest, there really was not enough product to do my full face. I managed to cover my nose, chin and a little on my chin, but that was it so you would need quite a bit of product to do the rest. The serum has no colour to it, and is quite a thin consistency. It has quite a strong smell to it, so if you don't like fragranced products this is not for you. It is a florally/sweet smell which I quite liked. Another great factor to this serum, is that the main ingredient is water. Yes, there is alcohol in it, and so stay away if you don't like putting alcohol on your skin as this is the second ingredient listed.

The serum is supposed to correct the pigmentation in your skin, well, with only a tiny amount in the sachet and not having more product to use another time, I cannot say whether it altered any of the redness in my skin that I suffer with. I would need to buy the full size product. I found that my foundation went on nicely after applying the product, and my make up stayed in place for about 6-7 hours without the need for touching up which was great.

It is £35.00 for 30mls of product and you can get it online at Yves Saint Laurent website or at John Lewis or Selfridges stores.  I would repurchase it and will do in the future, as I found the little bit I tried has made me want to experiment with it more, so that I can give you a more in depth review.

I hope you have enjoyed this first impressions post, and let me know in the comments, if you have tried it and what your thoughts on it are.

Till next time,

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Starting Over Tag

If you have been with me for a while, I love doing tag blog posts, I love writing them, and I love to read them, and so I felt very honoured when the lovely Louise from @KinderHealthAndBeauty tagged me to do the Starting Over Tag. All it is, is that you have to imagine that all of your beauty and personal care items have been stolen from you and you have to think of 16 items that you would go out and repurchase straight away before buying anything else. So here we go:

1) Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
2) Mac Soft Ochre paint pot.
3) Mac Snob lipstick
4) Rimmel Stay Matte powder
5) Maybelline The Rocket mascara
6) Benefit The Porefessional Primer
7) Urban Decay Naked palette
8) Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer
9) Benefit Rockateur Blush
10) Barry M Bold Black Liner
11) Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser
12) Soap And Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel
13) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
14) Essie Mint Candy Apple Nail Polish
15) Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
16) Origins Ginzing Moisturiser

So that is my list of all the things that I would definitely go and repurchase if they went missing. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I tag all of you to do this too. Last of all, I would like to thank Louise for tagging me, and I encourage you to pop along to her blog, as she writes some really amazing posts, all about natural products.

Love and Hugs

Get Healthy Mondays #2 18/8/2014

Another week done and another 2lbs off!! That is 5lbs off in 2 weeks. I am so pleased, and I am beginning to notice a difference in my clothes and even my mom and partner commented that my figure has changed and so it just shows that even a small amount of weight loss can make a difference to how you look. I will say, that I have not been feeling as bloated as I used to do, but I have been suffering with a headache for the past few days and I think it is due to the change in my diet. Sunday, it was excruciating and I had to go to bed as I was sick twice and just could not cope with the pain any more. Yesterday, it wasn't too bad, but today it has been very bad again. Hopefully tomorrow the pain will have gone.

I have done so well cooking from SCRATCH. I have been preparing my evening meals, even when I was too tired to feel like doing it, I made myself as I knew that to get the results that I both want and need, I have to make the effort. I have been saving a little money from not buying as much beauty stuff, yes I know, shock, horror, but spending it on store cupboard essentials, that will keep for a long time, such as all the different herbs and spices, which totally change the taste of a meal from being bland too adding texture and maybe a little heat.

I thought this week I would post some photos of the meals that I have been making and how I have found them once eaten. I was very dubious when I first started the meals as I thought that they might look nice and tasty in the magazine, but they probably tasted nasty, but I was proved wrong. The meals are really delicious and tasty, and easy to prepare and make.

This is Beef Ragu. It is pasta, red pepper, onion, garlic and tomatoes and it was gorgeous. All of the recipes in the Slimming World magazine are for 4 people eating it, but I just divide the portion amounts into 4 just for the amount for 1 person eating it. Even still, the portion size is just huge and I was ending up throwing half of it away but my Mom told me to leave it to go absolutely cold, and then put it in the freezer so that I can have it another evening. Great idea!!
This was minted aubergine and courgette cous cous. Now before this meal I had never tasted an aubergine or a courgette in my life, and I was very doubtful as to whether I would like it, but they were okay. I wouldn't say they were the best things in life to eat, but I ate them. This contained a lot of lemon, and orange juice, but with the mint, it sort of clashed and tasted a little too strong for me, but I ate almost three quarters of it, and enjoyed what I ate.
I cooked this for me and my partner last week, it is Herby chicken and vegetable bake. It was lovely. It has chicken (with the skin removed), potatoes, courgette, pepper, onion and tomatoes in, and my partner said that is was the best meal I had ever cooked him. I was thrilled when he said that, because for a very long time, I have always doubted myself where my cooking was concerned. But this has restored my self belief that if I just try, then I can do it.
Friday's tea was gorgeous. Gammon and egg, SW(Slimming World) chips and peas and salad. SW chips are so easy to make. You just peel your potatoes, chop them into thick chip like shapes, then par boil them. Drain the water off, put them back into the saucepan, put the lid on and shake the potatoes about to roughen the edges up. Then season them to how ever you prefer, put them on a baking tray, spray a low fat cooking oil over and put them in the oven to go golden, or to when you think they are done.  With the Gammon though, you have to remove all the visible fat as this can really add up your fat intake, which you really do not want.
And this, was last night's tea which was Lamb Korma. I think this was the most awkward one to cook as it involved so many different ingredients and so the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off, but the Korma was nice, but yet again there was enough to feed a small army. So if you have a big appetitite, then the Slimming World recipes are ideal for you.

Well, that was my last weeks health journey, let me know in the comments how you have been doing regarding eating healthily.

Till next time,

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Importance of Building Your Confidence

Now, I have been a very bad blogger. Back in July, I went to a Bloggers Meet arranged by Jess (Dungarees and Donuts) and Katrina (Beautrina) and it has took me until now to get around to writing a blog all about it. It has been one of those things where you keep saying, I will do that tomorrow, and then the same the next day until now it has been 3 weeks and I'm only just blogging about it. Bad blogger :(

Well, we all met up in town, and went for a wander round the shops, then some of the bloggers carried on shopping whilst others (including myself) went for a drink in Burger King. It was lovely though just to have a sit down and have a chat with people I normally only talk to through the power of the internet. I am a very shy person and suffer with my nerves and so it takes a lot of courage for me to go ahead and meet people I have never met before. But it just shows how things are so much easier than you at first think, and how in your head you think you can't do something when in reality if you face your fears head on, they are smaller than you could ever think. By overcoming my fears, I made new friends and developed my confidence in speaking to people I had hardly met before.

At 4pm we headed to Lush and I decided to buy more bath bombs for my little boy who loves watching them swirl around the bath and see the different colours they change into. Then, I did a little more damage to my bank balance in The Body Shop and at 6pm we went to Pizza Hut, where we all sat down, ate some lovely food, and we had a talk with Becky from Harlequin Cosmetics, showing us all of her home made shower gels, and body lotions and she spoke about how all the ingredients used are all natural and no nasty chemicals are added. I purchased a body lotion and it smells lovely. I cant wait to purchase more from that range, you should definitely check Harlequin Cosmetics out.

I was so shocked and lucky because the goody bags (there were 2!!!!) that Jess and Katrina had got for us were rammed to the top with lots of different things. I loved everything in there, and now I will post some photos of the different things we received.

You know how I love to change my nail polish all the time, so false nails are always great to receive. The nail art set is amazing to receive as I'm not very adventurous with my nails and maybe this will push me to be a little more daring, and bring out my artistic side (if I have one)
Brushes are fab to receive, as I love to see which brushes are good and which are not so good.
I don't own any statement necklaces and so this is great to have in my jewellery collection.

MUA is always a brand I need to look into more, as I don't tend to buy much of their make up so, to get a primer, eye crayon, blush and a lip crayon is lovely as I can try them all out, and review them all for you. They are very inexpensive and so would be a fantastic bonus if I find that the pigmentation and staying power is good.
I will enjoy using these foot files and they will help my feet look their best in my summer shoes.
Mmm, what girl would say no to chocolate???
An essential in any girls collection is sun tan lotion. It is not good to put your self at risk by not wearing sun screen.
This will come in very handy soon, as I am running out of my normal shaving lotion. I have never actually tried a shave butter before and so this will be great to review.

I received 2 lipsticks. The playboy one is such a pretty colour. Reminds me a little of Mac's Ruby Woo or Rimmel's Kate lipstick in 01.
This is the body butter that I purchased off Becky. I will post a review of this very soon.

With self tan, I have always been very wary as I am sure that I would apply it streakily, and I would look like a real hot mess. But the other girls at the meet up really recommended Cocoa Brown as one of the best self tans on the market, so when I have plucked up a little more courage, I might try and use it.

You know how I love the Body Shop products, and so these were fantastic to receive. I cannot wait to start using them. I am really loving body scrubs at the moment.
My mom has used Lipcote for years and swears by the stuff. I last used it long ago, and so it will be good to try and use and review it for you all.

Eye shadows are my weakness as you will already know, and so to get a whole palette is lovely and the colours look just right for me, especially all those warm tones in the top row.

Don't you think we received some great things? I know I do and I am eternally grateful for Jess and Katrina inviting me to tag along. See, if I hadn't gone along, I would not have made so many new and lovely friends, it is so important to to try and step outside your comfort zone sometimes.

Till next time,
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