Thursday, 30 October 2014

October 2014 Empties

Yes, peeps. It is another look through my rubbish,lol or should I more eloquently say my empties. I have even used a foundation and a mascara sample up this month so I have done pretty well, but I have been buying quite a bit, eeek!! I know, I know I shouldn't but that is just the shopaholic in me that just loves pretty new things, and there have been so many new things this month that it has been impossible to resist. Anyway, onto the matter in hand, my empties.

One of my holy grail body lotions the Vaseline Spray n Go in Cocoa Butter was sadly finished, and a newer product from Vaseline, this one was only a trial size, I think I recieved this in a previous Glossybox. Both were extremely moisturising but I found the spray and go was easier to use as it sank straight into the skin.

Not that you can tell from the wrinkled tubes, but this was the L'Oreal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner, I had been using for the past few weeks. These were really lovely products and really left my hair soft and shiny. I especially loved the conditioner, it really smelt fruity and fresh and smelt stronger than the actual shampoo. Dental products me and my little boy went through at a rate of knots this month.

As you can probably tell, we have really enjoyed using the Sensodyne Pronamel range a lot. Don't worry Daniel doesn't use the mouthwash, I would be terrified that he would end up drinking the stuff, but I am really trying to teach him the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day and keeping them clean, and not eating too many bad things. To be honest he isnt too keen on the giving up sweets and biscuits idea, so I need to work a little bit harder on that part.

This Simple moisturisng facial wash, has been in my bathroom, it feels like forever, which is great when you want to get a long use out of a product. But for me, who has millions of products to begin using and testing how each perform, I just wanted to use it up a lot sooner. So, ten out of ten, for the product lasting a good 4 or 5 months, but I will say for a facial wash that isnt supposed to have any fragrance, I found that it did have a scent, of something natural, of course, but still quite strong, which I was surprised at.
I was truly disappointed when I used the L'Oreal True Match foundation up. I LOVE this foundation. It is fantastic at really blending into the skin and making your make up look really natural and flawless. I would definitely recommend everyone to try this foundation at least once as I think it truly is the quality of a high end foundation but in the drugstore price range.
Another fantastic product, this time from Soap And Glory. This is one of the best hand creams I have ever used, it smells so gorgeous in that true Soap And Glory scent, that only die hard fans of Soap and Glory would know what I'm talking about. It is a rich hand cream, and does take some smoothing into the skin, but it truly makes your hands feel so soft and gets rid of any dryness almost straight away.

I bought this MakeUp For Ever mascara sample off Ebay. To be honest, I didnt realise it was only a sample I was purchasing, but that was my silly mistake. Nonetheless I was really impressed with it. It is very deep black in colour, and really gave my lashes good length and extreme volume so that my lashes did look as though I was wearing false lashes. I have millions of mascaras that I need to use up before I buy any more but I definitely would repurchase this one, but I would make sure that I purchased the proper full size product next time. The pitfalls of Ebay, hey!!!
A sample of the Garnier Miracle Skin cream was sent to me through the post, and it was only a tiny sample so I wanted to see how many applications I could get out of it. I was really impressed that I got 5 applications of the skin cream. It was lovely to apply to the skin and sank straight in, my skin immediately felt plumper and healthier. I really enjoyed using this and will be purchasing this again in the future.
Last of all, I finished up the Sudocrem skincare cream, that I was very kindly sent to review a few months back. I have used it off and on and have found it essential in my house, for those days when my skin has been very dry or Daniel has fallen over and grazed his knees, and this has really helped to help him feel better when he has been crying. "The magic cream" as he used to call it was really good, and I will be repurchasing this to keep in my bathroom cupboard at all times.

Well, that was this months empties. I hope you enjoyed having a root around in my rubbish bin, let me know in the comments, the types of products you finish up the most, mine is definitely dental products as you can see from above.

Till next time,

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nanshy Blending Brush Review

A couple of months ago I was given as part of a goody bag from a blogger meet up, this blending brush from the company Nanshy. I had never previously heard of the brand but like every other beauty enthusiast, I can never have enough brushes in my collection, so this was more than happily recieved. Let's first discuss the brand, Nanshy are a cruelty free brand and so that is a definite big plus in my book, all the brushes that they make are all put together by hand, and have a beautiful pearl like look to their handles. They do lots of other brushes in their range and this brush, the blending brush, that I am going to talk about today costs £5.95 from the Nanshy website. Now, onto the actual brush itself. I like a brush to be quite lightweight especially eye brushes like this one, so that when you are going to be applying the product, you don't have to worry about being too heavy handed with the shadow, and the brush can be lightly swept across the crease of the eye without the colour going to far up into the brow bone area, or down onto the main lid itself.. Now onto the main part of the brush, the bristles. These are very,very soft and are not scratchy at all, which is important on that delicate skin of the eye lid, and they don't pick up too much product when you dip it into the eyeshadow.
The synthetic bristles give a really good smooth application and one of the main factors for me is that the bristles do not shed. Thank goodness, because I have had some other brushes, more expensive than the Nanshy brushes and the bristles fall out all over the place which is not good when you have already applied your foundation and you have eyeshadow brush bristles lying all over your face. This brush is specifically designed for blending out your eyeshadows but, to be honest I have used it for applying my main lid colour, and my brow bone shade, and even gone so far as to use it as my highlighting brush when applying highlight to the tops of my cheekbones. So, as you can see for the amazing price of £5.95 you get a really great brush that is a true multi tasker and I really feel that every girl needs a brush like this in their brush collection. It has really become one of my most used go to brushes every day.

Well, that is it for today. Let me know in the comments whether you own this brush and what you think of it. What other brushes have you got that you think I need in my collection? Please let me know, as I love to read all your comments.

Love and Hugs

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

#FABBBirmingham Event 2014

Last Sunday I was very lucky to be able to attend my very first FABB event at Birmingham's Custard Factory. I have been so excited for this and couldn't wait to see all the other bloggers who I had met before, and to make new friends. Although I live in Birmingham I had never been to this venue before and was just expecting to see a huge warehouse type of building. Boy, was I wrong, there was restaurants, and Art galleries and even some little shops, but disappointingly none were open due to it being a Sunday.

These were some of the sculptures on the walls within the Custard factory setting. We then went into the venue and inside there was a beautiful red phone booth where you could have your photo taken in. At 1.30 we all were allowed to start queuing to go into the event. Once upstairs we were all given a goody bag, and had a wristband put on us and off we went. There was a gorgeous stand from

Style Edit and they had the most stunning trainers and heels. Another bonus was they had free cupcakes, so you know I was there like a shot. Who can refuse cupcakes??The shoes were simply stunning and I loved all the gold detailing on the trainers, as you know I cant wear heels and so the trainers were right up my street.
The next table I came across had some beautiful jewellery from the brand Charmed Ivy on it, and I had to really try hard not to purchase any as all the designs were so lovely. They had gorgeous necklaces and bracelets and the prices were so inexpensive, I specifically liked the infinity necklace and the dreamcatcher necklace and definitely will be looking into getting these for my collection.

Now, I was so pleased when I saw the MeMeMe Cosmetics stand as I knew there would be some lovely products to look at. I had a really nice chat, with the lovely Tia who I spoken to before through email  and she showed me some of the newer products that they were launching and they are gorgeous. She also gave all of us goodie bags, and oh my word, were we treated to something special. I will be doing another post tomorrow about all the goodies we recieved.

I already know that I love their products and so will definitely be revisiting their website soon. In the corner of the room there was a stand from Crystal Clear who do facial treatments and they are designed that by using the machine it helps to get rid of scarring and blemishes, and a lot of the celebrities use this company to achieve their flawless skin. The prices range between £70 and £100 depending on what sort of facial you need and want.

Then, we went upstairs and there was even more stands to look at. The first one we came to was Mist FX who specialise in bright body make up and who have also worked with celebrities and on different tv shows.

I also, got the chance at having my hair done with the lovely people at Toni and Guy. As you would expect this stand was very busy as every blogger wanted their hair being done by this amazing hair company.

I always like curly hair but can never do it properly at home, so was thrilled at how lovely and curly my hair was, and how quickly the lady did it. It would have took me over an hour to get it looking like this, but it literally only took 5 minutes if that. The next stand was a clothing stand called Style Skin, they had some gorgeous faux fur scarves and jackets on display. Here, we had the opportunity to enter a competition and maybe win one of the items, and so we had to wear one of the items displayed on the rack and take a photo of it and then tweet the picture tagging Style Skin in it. Their website is

 The next stand was a brand that I have heard lots about and I have previously tried some of their products and they are really nice. It is called Bee Good. It is an all natural range of skincare and use lots of natural honey extract in their produce. They explained the whole process of how they make sure the bees are looked after well, and they are an all British company which is so rare to find these days.

At the very back of the room, the stand was very crowded and lots of bloggers were surrounding the table, and it was because one of the winners of Dragons Den was there selling his hugely popular products the Stylfile range, Tom Pellereau. Not only were the original foot files there, but now he has launched some new nail clippers onto the line and they are fantastic. I was given the opportunity to try them out, and they really cut through the nail like butter. I bought a pair straight away and they were only £5 which is fantastic bargain for a really good pair of nail clippers that come with a 25 year guarantee.

Right next to this stand was a company that I had never heard of before called Anovia, which sells shampoos, and shower gels, fake tans, all that kind of thing, and they were giving away goodie bags with them all in.

I had such a wonderful time and have lots of great memories, thankyou to all the bloggers who I spoke to and I chatted with, and most of all thanks to Ray and Tor who allowed me and my partner to be at such an amazing event.

These girls are all fantastic and you should definitely subscribe to them as they write such amazing posts. They are Katrina from
                         Emma from
                         Elena from

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and let me know in the comments if you have been to a FABB event before, and what you thought of it.

Love and Hugs

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