Sunday, 31 May 2015

Make Your Make Up Last Longer Masterclass feat. Urban Decay

Making your make up last longer is always an important factor for me and so when the lovely Kirsty invited me to her masterclass talking about this issue at the Urban Decay counter at Selfridges , I accepted straight away. As I suffer with oily/combination skin my makeup always has a tendency to look shiny around my T Zone area and so I was really interested in finding more about their products that will help make up stay all day. First, Kirsty talked about the vitamin B6 spray which you use to prep your skin before applying your make up. This is designed for people with dry/sensitive skin types.
You leave it to sink into your skin and then carry on with your normal make up routine. It is a very fine mist and so only a couple of sprays are needed. It has a very refreshing feel to it, and so if it is a hot day and you are feeling a little jaded and tired, you can just spritz this again and it will help you to feel a little cooler. The B6 spray is priced at £22.50.
Facial primers are something that I am always on the hunt for, but I did not realise that Urban Decay did them too, and so when I saw the Pore perfecting primer potion I just knew that I had to have it. It is for people with oily skin types (me definitely) and you apply it all over the face before applying your foundation. It works the best if you give it a little time to sink into the skin for a few minutes before carrying on with your routine. It is not your your normal siliconey feeling, clear gel, as it is quite a thin feeling consistency and skin coloured. It sinks in so quickly and really feels very very moisturising which is unusual as other primers feel quite tacky so the foundation will stick to it. The lighter purple tube is another facial primer but is more focused on brightening and tightening the skin, and is aimed at those people with non oily skin types. This primer gives a lot of radiance and luminosity to the skin, really brightening your whole complexion. Both of the face primers are £19.50. Now onto the eyeshadow primers.

 If you are a girl who likes her eyeshadow to last all day and be very intense in pigmentation, then you will probably be very aware that Urban Decay primer potions are a lot of people's go to product. I did not realise that they did 4 different types. The most popular one is the original primer potion that I have used in the past.
These tubes last forever and I have only previously owned sample sizes and they have lasted me for months and months, so a full size tube, I would imagine would last for a good couple of years, so great value for money. This eyeshadow primer is suitable for every skin types, and applies clear when put onto the eyelid. It makes your eyeshadow look last for 24 hours, which is fantastic. Not that I would want my eyeshadow to last for 24 hours but it is great knowing that it will last whole day without letting your eyeshadow crease or disappear. It is priced at £16.00. The eyeshadow primer that I fell in love with when Kirsty showed us was "Sin". Oh my days, it is simply beautiful and can be worn as a base for your shadows or even as a cream shadow in its own right. It is a duskypink/taupe shade and has a shimmer finish once it has dried.
The tube is a  beige/mushroom shade and in my opinion is just so pretty that every one needs this in their collection. It is such a versatile product and because it is a multi use product is great value for money, again retailing for £16.00. The next primer is called Eden and dries to a nude, matte finish which is great for neutralising any redness or colour you may already have in your eyelids.
This is a great eyeshadow primer as because it is a matte nude finish, any colour you apply on top of it, will appear more opaque and richer in intensity. This primer is thicker in texture and so you dont need as much product when you apply it. Again this is £16.00. The last eyeshadow primer is an anti ageing primer, so if you have slightly older skin or quite thin, crepey eyelids then this may be the eye primer for you.
This primer is filled with collagen, and so will help to get the skin feeling plumper and younger. This one though because of it containing collagen, is priced at £18.50 which I think is still a great price for ensuring your eyeshadow look lasts all day. The last type of products that will help your make up last longer are setting sprays.

 There is the all nighter setting spray which is the best selling setting spray that Urban Decay sell.
This one is suitable for all skin types, and so everyone can use this after finishing your make up routine. All you need to do is spritz 2 - 4 sprays over your face and this will help everything adhere to your skin more securely. It is oil free, and paraben free so doesn't contain some of the nasty chemicals that other brands have in their products.By using the setting spray this will help your make up stay for up to 16 hours, which is perfect for either a long day at work, or if you going out dancing all night. It is priced at £21.00.

Another setting spray that Urban Decay produce is the De-Slick setting spray.
The de-slick is more suitable for people with oily skin types and I have used this in the past and it has really helped me with helping make my make up last longer. This sets your make up for 12 hours, which is perfect for me, as I only tend to wear make up for maximum 12 hours anyway. Again, it is priced at £21.00.  The last setting spray is the Chill make up setting spray.
This is a setting spray for those of you with dry skin types and really helps to cool and hydrate the skin. I think you could use it during the day as well by spritzing it over your face if you feel your face is getting too hot and to cool your face. Not only do Urban Decay do these in the full size but they also, do the travel size versions which are £9.00 each.

Not only did Kirsty talk to us about helping to make your make up last longer but she also spoke to us about the Summer collection that Urban Decay have launched which focuses on new blushes and lipglosses, Let me tell you they are STUNNING!!!! The lipglosses are high gloss, high colour revolution lipglosses. There are 14 colours in the range and are £15.00 each.

The blushes are just gorgeous, the packaging is compact and polished, and they are multipurpose, not only are they blushes but could be used as eyeshadows too. I love finding products that have more than one use for them. The blushes are £19.00 each, and of course I had to buy one, but more about that in a later post.

Then, Kirsty pulled out the THE STOCKPILE. Oh my days this product is amazing and is stunning in pictures but when you see it in real life it is even more beautiful. It contains 10 lip liners and 10 matching lipsticks.

I really, really want this but I cannot justify it, as I already own 2 of the lipsticks. It would normally be £310, if you bought all of the lipliners and the lipsticks separately, but is at the amazingly great price of £180. A girl can dream right?!?

This blogger event was fantastic and loved meeting up with Kirsty, 2 new bloggers and  my friend Louise from the blog kinderhealthandbeauty. Go and visit her blog, it is amazing. I love Urban Decay and their products just get better and better.
Thankyou again, to Kirsty for inviting me, and I can't wait to try out some of those blushes and lipglosses.  Let me know in the comments how you make your make up last longer, and if you have tried any of the new blushes and lipglosses.

Love and Hugs.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Finds feat. Max factor, Mac and By Terry

I did some good shopping this week and got some really nice things. If you didn't already know, Boots are doing a deal on their Max Factor products.,  if you spend £15, you get a free gift which contains 3 full size products which are a nail polish, a waterproof mascara and a lipgloss. Well, I couldn't miss out on that deal and I really wanted the Angel Nails nail polish anyway, and have wanted a new Lipfinity shade, so picked one up in the shade #020 Angelic.

Such a pretty lip colour, and perfect for everyday wear for work.One tube is the actual lip colour, and the other is as moisturising balm, that you apply over the colour to make it more glossy and give it a beautiful shine. Because the lipcolour is designed to last all day without touch ups the lipstick is extremely drying and so it is really important to apply the balm, so that it is much more comfortable when worn. I will now show the products that were in the free gift.

Totally in love with that nail polish colour and will be rocking that on my nails very soon. If you are interested in getting the free gift, then I would hurry as the offer is only on for the next 11 days.Yes, I did, I have bought more Mac stuff. I guess I am just addicted to the brand, they just have quality products that are great value for money. I am always on the lookout for more nude shade lipsticks, a girl can never have enough nudes, right??? Faux is a beautiful nude shade and has a touch of pink to it, it is satin in formula, and so just glides onto the lips without dragging or being too dry, which the matte shades can be.

I am really struggling at the moment with the dark circles under my eyes. I have not been feeling too well, as my back has been so painful the last few days and so I have not been sleeping well, and the evidence is right there under my eyes, so I decided to try a new highlighting concealer to lighten and brighten that whole area. I saw the radiant concealer in "Light Boost" and thought that might be perfect to try and help solve the problem.

It is in a clickable brush form, and so it is easy to control how much product you need to apply. Hopefully this will help to brighten and lighten my whole area. Eyeshadows, are a must for me. I cannot go a week without ordering a new one (or three,lol). But I spotted a new shade that I did not own and that is the velvet shadow in the shade "Texture". It is a very warm brown, with just a hint of orange to it, and I thought this would be the perfect shade to put in to the crease of any look to give the colour more warmth and depth.

Over the last few weeks I had heard quite a few beauty bloggers and YouTubers talking about the brand By Terry. Well, here in the UK, it is quite hard to find anything from that brand, so I did a little bit of hunting on Ebay and found a couple of things in one lot, so I ordered them just to see what the products are like. One was a perfumed soap, and the other is a Rose facial oil, which sounds beautiful as I am always on the hunt for new skincare products.

I cannot wait to try these out, especially the facial oil.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my new goodies, and let me know what things you have got this week.

Till next time,

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Review : Bare Minerals Prime Time Face Primer

For a  long time, I was quite uneducated about how to keep your face make up staying put all day and the importance of using face primers.But that all changed once I saw some YouTubers talking about how essential providing a good base for your foundation to cling to was, and how this extended your foundation wear time. So, I decided to give primers a try and was always using different ones from different high end and drugstore brands to try and find one that I really liked. Last week, I began to use the foundation primer from Bare Minerals, and have really been enjoying using it.

It is only a small sample tube that I recieved in part of a gift set I recieved from my sister at Christmas last year. It contains 15 mls of product and will last for a long time as you only need a small pea size amount to cover the entire face. It is a clear product and does feel very siliconey (is that even a word?)  in texture. But it smooths and glides easily over the skin like a dream and really leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and so smooth. In the directions it does say to apply a thin, even layer all over the facial area, but I don't. I have found that I don't really need it over my cheeks, as my skin stays quite dry there and so I just apply it over my T-Zone where I get the most oiliness occur.

I have found that using this primer I can get my make up to last a good 10-12 hours, without any of the foundation oxidising or moving from off my nose or chin where I get the most difficulty in trying to keep my foundation in place.The normal size comes in a pump bottle rather than the sample tube, and you get 30 mls of product for £22, which I think is a really good price for a great product. If you have not tried it, I really think you should, and I don't think you would be disappointed.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and hope to see you here on my blog again very soon.

Love and Hugs
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