Monday, 27 July 2015

Nails Inc feat Victoria Beckham collection.

I love nail polish and I love Victoria Beckham and so when I eventually found out that the two had done a collaboration I just knew I had to have it. I know that this set has been out a while and I will admit that I have owned it for a couple of months and only just got around to talking about it. Im such a slow blogger, honestly, I am sure I have gone to post this so many times, and then I thought ooh I must talk about .... and it gets put off and put off. Well, today is the day I have finally got round to talking about it, and my verdict is I LOVE IT.
I just think this whole packaging is so sleek and classy. The only hint of what the colours are going to be like are on the actual sides of the bottles. The white bottle contains "Judo Red", a beautiful tomato red/orange, a very chic and classsy colour and the black bottle contains "Bamboo White" which is a pretty nude shade. Some nude shades can look really bland and uninteresting and quite patchy, but this one really helps to elongate the fingers and really is perfect for a nude, neutral nail for everyday wear.

Both bottles have 14mls of product in them and so will last you a good long while. You have a great basic neutral shade and the red is just perfect for those evenings out. I purchased this for £45, and yes that may seem a little steep, but if you purchased those  bottles individually, they are £25 EACH!!!! So, I purchased the box set and saved myself £5. I love this collection and do not regret buying it as the formula is so nice. Normally with  neutral shades they can streak and be patchy but that is not the case with this white shade. The polish just glides across the nail and doesn't bubble or peel or flake off.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know if you were tempted to purchase this set too.

Till next time,

Friday, 24 July 2015

July 2015 Favourites

This month has been full of positives for me. I have managed to get back to work after having to have 3 weeks off after being in agony with Osteoarthritis and 3 slipped discs. So, I am thrilled that I am managing to work round the pain and begin to earn normal money again. My son has done so well in school and recieved so many awards in the last couple of weeks, that I really don't know where to put them all. I have begun to get my shop a little more popular on Ebay and so that is going ok at the moment, and I have rediscovered my love for blogging again and gone crazy making sure I have enough photos for a good few future posts. So overall, apart from the ill health July has been kind to me.

Make up wise, there aren't any newer products that have made the grade, they are all oldies but goodies, so lets dig in and see what I have been loving. The primer that is really good, and kind of looked over in the past is the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer. It comes out as a white cream, and is not siliconey feeling at all, that I normally prefer, but it spreads out smoothly over the skin and really helps the foundation to stay in place all day.
With my perfume, I have been loving summery fruity scents that I can just spray at any time of the day and still feel like I smell nice in this warm weather. The Body Shop's Satsuma body spray has been perfect for this. I love citrusy smells, and this really ticks the box for me.
The one thing that annoys me with wearing nail polish, is the removal of it, when you want to change up the colour. Sometimes no matter how hard you try that polish wont come off, especially with the trend of the gel polishes. I have tried a few removers that were just plain rubbish and had to just throw them in the bin. But, then I found a totally HOLY GRAIL nail polish remover and that is the Essie Good As Gone.
This stuff is amazing. Just a couple of swipes, and the polish just comes clean off. I also think that it helps to moisturise my nails too, I will definitely be stocking up on this. I totally urge everyone to try this. Now, I know that this next product is a high end product but this bronzer is beautiful, its from Hourglass and looks beautiful in it's golden packaging.

I love to use it as a contour shade or even a bronzer that you can sweep over the cheeks, over the temples and under my chin for a more chiselled appearance. I do have to tap the brush off once patted into the product as it is all too easy to pick up a little too much,but then the application with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush is effortless. The last product that has made my favourites list over the past month has been the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream. I have been trying to get better lately with moisturising my skin at night, even when I feel too tired to want to do anything other than fall into bed straight away. This cream is so different to any other night creams I have tried in the past. It is quite bouncy in texture and very lightweight when pressed. At first it can leave your face with a slight sticky feeling but once it has sank into the skin that tackiness goes away and you forget you have put it on. In the mornings my skin feels so soft, and so plump and moisturised that i know my skin is feeling and looking better through using this Garnier night cream.
So those are the products that I have been loving in July. What have your favourites been lately?

Love and Hugs

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Finish 13 by Halloween Challenge

I definitely am a beauty product lover and hoarder. I love nothing more than finding new products and being able to try them and finding great products that I would never be without, and even finding products that are not so good and being able to get them to work for me in some way. In doing this my beauty collection is HUGE, and at times can be very daunting and intimidating when it comes to finding products that I know I own, but cannot find. I also, know that a lot of my make up could expire before I have even used half of it, and so every so often I am trying to go through my stash and actually finish products and move through my collection. A couple of months ago, I did a challenge before and managed to use three things up. So, when I found this challenge going round the internet I just knew I had to take part in my own little way.

The challenge is to finish 13 items before October 31st (Halloween). Now you would think that sounds easy, as it is only the 3rd week of July, but for a beauty lover like myself it is quite hard to use the same products over and over until I finish them up. So, I went through my products and chose 13 things that I would like to try and finish before that all important date. Now, I am going to put a little disclaimer on my challenge and that is with powder products, I only really want to try and hit pan, I will class this as finishing the product as they are mainly only been used a handful of times, and so there is a lot of product to get through.

Here are the products that I would like to use up:

1) Hoola Bronzer by Benefit
2)Baby Skin Primer by Maybelline
3)Painterly paint pot by Mac
4)Mac Fix Plus
5) Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express mascara
6)Instant Anti Age Eraser by Maybelline
7) Lorac Pro Palette
With this palette I want to try and hit pan on ALL shadows. I am working at finishing this palette by the end of the year. So far I have completely finished 2 shadows, already hit pan on 5 of the shadows which means I have 9 shadows to try and hit pan on by October 31st, hopefully I can achieve this.

8) Lorac mega Pro Palette
I have included this because I have nearly finished the white matte highlight shade that I like in the Lorac Pro Palette, and so need another shade to use. Hopefully I can hit pan on a couple of these shades too.

9)Max Factor Age Elixir Foundation
I think there is only a little amount left in this and so should finish it very quickly. So I have included another foundation to use once the Max Factor is used up.

10) Hello Flawless Foundation by Benefit
11) Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder
As you can see I have a half pot of loose powder and so hopefully this should be pretty easy to use up.

12) Revlon "Soft Silver Rose" lipstick
13) Perversion 24/7 eye liner by Urban Decay
Once a product is used up I will be replacing it with another to try and work through so I will be keeping a running tally of how many products I actually finish.So there are my 13 products that I have chosen for this challenge. I am really hoping that I can use these up, as it feels so good when you are making room for newer products into your collection. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all your makeup collection, I encourage you to join me in this challenge.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing what products you are going to try and use up.

Love and Hugs

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Get Ready With Me: feat. Colourpop Cosmetics Metamorphosis Quad

If you read yesterday's blog post. you will have seen how I talked about how good the Colourpop Cosmetics Metamorphosis quad was and how I couldn't wait to start using it. So I thought I would show you the kind of look I achieved by using the palette. To start off, I always use a good primer to prep and smooth the skin before applying my foundation. The primer I have been loving lately is the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer. With my fingertips, I just add a small amount to my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then in circular motions smooth it into my skin.
I leave the primer to sink into the skin for a little while and then again with my fingertips blend the Urban Decay naked Skin foundation into my face. I normally use 2 pumps of it to cover the whole area. With some foundations I only need 1 or even just 1 and a half pumps, but because the Urban Decay foundation is so liquid in texture and quite thin in consistency, then I like to use more of it to give more coverage.
This foundation is fantastic and this is my second bottle of it, and that is unusual for me, as I have so many foundations that I don't tend to finish them very often, but this is amazing. For concealer, I have stiuck to an oldie but a goodie, and that is the Mac prolongwear concealer. I will say just like many other YouTubers and bloggers have said that the dispenser on this packaging is rubbish, because you just cannot control how much of the product comes out and invariably, you always end up with far too much, even if you try to be very careful. But that said, it is a great concealer and really helps to cover up the darkness under my eyes and brightens up my whole look.
Then to set it I have been using the Charlotte Tilbury Powder and Sculpt brush to sweep the Mac Studio Fix powder all over it to ensure no creasing during the day. Especially concentrating on my T-Zone where I do tend to get oily in this warmer weather.
Sorry that the packaging is covered in foundation, but at least you can tell I am using it right?!? Now onto the actual eye look. I use Painterly paintpot to create a base for the shadows to sit on, and sweep it all over the eye area, all the way up to the brow bone. Then I used the matte caramel brown colour "Strength" from the Metamorphosis quad and with a fluffy brush applied it quite generously into the crease area and in the outer V portion of the eye socket.
Then with the beautiful  "kindness" shade from the quad, I patted this just over the centre of my lid, to give the look a real intense and shimmey feel. This is such a pretty shadow.
To brighten the whole eye, I used the white shadow with the pink shimmer just ever so lightly underneath the browbone and in the inner corner of the eye. I just lightly patted it, as I didnt want it to be the first thing you saw when you looked at my eyeshadow.
Normally, I like a thick jet black line for my eyeliner, but just lately I have been wanting a much softer look, so that it didnt over power the rest of the look, and so with the darkest shadow from the Metamorphosis quad, I just gently tapped the tip of an eyeliner brush into the colour, and then swept it gently under my lower lash line to pull the whole look together.
Mascara wise, I have gone back to an old faithful the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express. It is great for giving your lashes length and fullness. On the top lashes I just apply 2 thick coats,as I like a really dramatic look with my lashes, and on the lashes, I just apply 1 light coat.

I'm feeling as if my skin is looking quite pale and pasty at the moment, so to deepen my whole look Hoola bronzer has been my go to cheek product. This is a gorgeous bronzer and one of my all time favourites to use.
If you are in the market for a new bronzer and you have not yet tried Benefit's Hoola, then I highly recommend it. My lip colour I wanted quite light and pretty as I wanted the eye look to be the whole focus and Mac's Creme Cup is a beautiful blue based pink and is great for both day time looks, and night time looks, so is a very versatile colour to have in your collection.
Here is the finished look.

Here is a close up of the eye look.
As you can see, it is quite a light make up look, but I really like it, and will be using the Colourpop Metamorphosis quad for a long time to come. I hope you have enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments if you recreate this look, or if you own this palette and what you think of it.

Love and Hugs.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Colourpop's Metamorphosis Quad

It is so hard being a beauty lover in the UK, and not being able to try those make up brands that are based in the US. If you do manage to get your hands on them, then it is normally weeks or even months until you can try them out, which is relatively late when you are trying to bring new and interesting content to your blog. This was the case for me with the much adored and raved about Colourpop Cosmetics. Every US beauty blogger and vlogger were raving about how wonderful their eyeshadows were, and no matter what I tried for weeks and weeks I was unable to get my hands on anything.

Then one day, I happened to be browsing on Ebay and BAM!! There they were! Some of their lippie stix were displayed and some of their single shadows, then I saw the one quad that I had been after, the much coveted Metamorphosis palette. This quad was made in collaboration with the amazing vlogger "Coffee Break With Dani". There had been others that had been made with other YouTubers but this has been the only one I could get my hands on. But don't you worry, the eyeshadow hoarder in me will be watching out for the others.

I love that the packaging has a butterfly on it in lovely gold print, and love the colour of the packaging. The front cover slides off to reveal the four shadows inside.
I like the fact that the four shadows are actually single pots, and not in a palette as you would have thought.

This group of four shadows is beautiful, and I am sorry for my finger imprints in the shadow, but I just could not wait to swatch them and try them out. Here are some close ups of the individual shadows.

Strength is a matte caramel brown shadow, and is extremely buttery and pigmented. A great shadow to have in your collection for neutral and smoky looks. I have loved using this as a transition shade in the crease to help blend out any harsh lines in the eye look.

Hope is a at first glance a plain white shadow, but looks can be deceptive because when you swatch it, it has a beautiful pink shimmer that catches the light and really brings a gorgeous duochrome to the look. I love this shadow and can see me wearing this a lot, because of it being so versatile and can add a pop of pink sheen to a neutral look. It is a gorgeous shade to wear in the inner corner of your eye. It reminds me of a beautiful opal gemstone with the different colours flashing through.
Kindness is a beautiful colour, and very remniscent of Mac's Club shadow or the Blue Brown pigment, and the bottom right shadow in the Wet nWild Comfort Zone palette. This shadow has so many colours running through it, that no matter which way you look at it there are different colours there. In some lights, there is blue, red, brown, purple, green. It is a total myriad of different tones and totally vamps up any look that you decide to do. You definitely need this shadow in your collection as I am sure you will not find another that would give you the intensity of different tones in it.

Bravery is a gorgeous  matte dark brown and great for deepening up a lighter shadow and perfect for using as an eyeliner on the lower lash line, if you want a more softer look. All of these shadows are extremely buttery smooth and almost have a mousse like quality to their consistency. They are very pigmented but easy to use and you get hardly any fall out from them, which is great, and shows  that the shadows are of a really high quality. Here are the four shadows swatched.
To be honest the swatches dont do the shadows justice, as you cant see the different colours running throughout Hope and Kindness. But they are fantastic shadows and I will be on the lookout for me to add to my collection. I hope you have enjoyed this post about the Colourpop Cosmetics quad, and look out tomorrow, as I will have a Get Ready With Me post using the four shadows.

Till next time,

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