Thursday, 6 August 2015

My latest Yankee Candle haul

Candles, candles everywhere is the phrase going through my mind lately. I love them and just cannot get enough of them. I just love how they can instantly change the look and feel of a room when lit, and really help you feel relaxed with the different scents available. Some people love different scent categories, for example, some like fruity, some like fresh, clean scents, some people like more musky fragrances or floral. But for me, I don't really have a certain "type" of scent. I just love all of them. I love how a fragrance can instantly transport you back to a moment in your past and you can relive those memories. For example in this latest Yankee Candle collection from QVC, there are some candles from Egypt, and Africa, and these instantly took me back to when I visited Egypt many years ago.

I love the carry holdall, that this set came in. Its very nautical in its look with the blue and white stripes and the white woven handles. The first layer holds 12 votive size candles, and the fragrances I recieved were

1-Kilimanjaro Stars, which has a gorgeous musky fragrance and really reminds me of a mans aftershave. A really lovely scent.
2-Tahitian Tiare Flower which is very fresh and clean smelling with just a hint of floral notes to it.
3-Madagascan Orchid, which is really strong in its fragrance, it has a gorgeous perfume type smell to it.
4-Ocean Star is a fresh, clean scent and very relaxing and really nice when used in the bathroom while you are having a pamper session.
5-Egyptian Musk is another quite manly scent, and is perfect for a girl/lady who isnt too fond of the sweeter fragrances that a lot of candles can have.
6-Serengeti Sunset is quite citrussy smelling and reminds me of how you imagine it would smell if you were walking through an orange/lemon grove.
7- Sea Coral is a clean and fresh smell, but has a little touch of coconut to it.
8- Pink Hibiscus which is a beautiful flowery scent, and is gorgeous. One of my all time favourites.

With some of the candles in the set, they duplicated some of them so the ones that I had spare of, I gave them to my mom for all the help she gives me in looking after my little boy. Under the top layer of votives,  were 2 votive holders in the shape of glass buckets, and 12 scented tea lights in Beach Holiday and 12 scented tealights in Wild Seagrass.
I lust adored everything about this collection and look forward to burning them. Here is a photo of the outside of the holdall that the candles arrived in.

I love these sets from QVC UK, you don't even have to keep them as a whole set, they make fantastic gifts for birthdays and Christmas, 3 or 4 candles put into a little gift bag with some pretty tissue paper and you have a perfect present. Also, I buy Yankee Candles because you know that the fragrance is going to be there. Yes, you probably can get cheaper candles, from Poundland and Wilkinson, but for me the scent throw off just isn't there, and I would prefer paying more money for candles that you know you can rely on in terms of the strength of the scent given off.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and yes next week there will be yet another candle haul, as my next set of the 3 large Yankee Candle jars have arrived, so stay tuned for my post all about those.

Till next time,

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