Saturday, 26 August 2017

Lush Haul August 2017

I had not been to Lush in so long and I'm sure I was having withdrawal symptoms. I have been watching Lush hauls on Youtube and that set me on a mission to give into the craving lol. The first things I put into my basket were some showet gels. I only purchased the small sizes just in case I didnt like them  ( for some unimaginable reason!)

This smells so lovely and minty I had to have it. Mint always smells so lovely and clean dont you think?!? It has menthol crystals snd spearmint in it. I think this may be a repurchase everytime I shop in Lush.
If you love this Yuzu and Cocoa fragrance range, you need to stock up quick as unfortunately it is being discontinued to make room for the new Halloween and Christmas collections.
Plum Rain smells divine and is a real rich purple colour and smells really fruity. I think i am really going to enjoy using this shower gel. Now onto my most favourite products ftom Lush, their bath bombs.
This sexbomb bath bomb smells very florally and reminds me of roses and just looked so pretty that I had to have it.
I think I have had this intergalactic bath bomb before and totally loved it. When it hits the water blue, pink and yellow pour from it and it has such a pretty shimmer to it that it really makes bathing enjoyable.
I had to have the Yellow Submarine just for the pure novelty factor alone, and is supposed to leave hot pink streaks through the bath water. To me it smells very sweet like which I love.
I had never tried this Avobath bomb before but the pretty green shade pulled me in. It smells beautiful and fresh so Im sure I will enjoy it. Now onto a bath bomb I purchased for my son. He loves all things to do with fidget spinners and so when I saw this bubble spinner I had to get it for him.
Even if he doesn't want to use it, I know I will enjoy it. Apparently when it hits the water it spins round super fast and so am looking forward to trying it out. On all my journeys into Lush, I have never tried their soap range and so today I decided to change that and bought the Ro's Argan soap.It smells very florally and looks beautiful with all crushed flowers in it.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Lush products are.

Till next time

Zoe  x

Friday, 18 August 2017

Pan that Palette 2017. August update.

As you all probably know Im a little addicted to makeup and beauty products and have literally hundreds of products to choose from. So over the past couple of years I have valiantly been trying to use up certain palettes, this year it has been the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I will now show a photo of how far I have got in 8 months.
The problem has been that I love to change up my makeup nearly every day and so dont consistently use the same palette. I do think I am doing ok though and I think I will be happy if I can just hit pan on each of the shadows. Some of the shadows are very easy to hit pan on, i.e the glittery and shimmery shadows but the matte ones are so densely packed it takes ages for them to even show any use at all.  So in August I have hit pan on 5 of the 16 shadows, so my goal for the rest of August and September is to try and hit pan on another 3 or even 4 of the shadows.

Another palette I have fallen in love with is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette and as yoi can see I have totally used up the matte cream shadow and the other shadows have some good usage showing too. This palette is a dream to use, the shadows are buttery smooth and blend so easily. I highly recommend it if you are on the market for a new eyeshadow palette.
Oh my goodness this primer from Laura Geller wont ever finish I dont think. I have been using it constantly since April and it is still going strong. It does a great job of keeping my makeup in place all day.

I love this Baby Love blush from Too Faced and after consistent use I have eventually hit pan. Im hoping to use this up completely by the end of the year. It is just the perfect nude peach that is perfect to wear every day for work.
Layering the eyeshadows on top of this Mac paintpot in Bare Study has been the perfect combination.It helps to keep the shadows in place and keep them looking bright and pigmented all day long.  Bare Study is a champagne shimmer and can also be used on its own as a standalone product.

Foundation wise I have been slowly working my way through Max Factors Facefinity foundation
I love how matte this goes on and such a small amount goes a very long way. Two pumps is all I need to cover my whole face and with extra to go over any areas that have any redness showing through. Last of all is the perfume I have been using the past couple of weeks and its The Body Shops "Smoked Poppy"
This a very musky fragrance and quite heavy so some might say it is more of a night out/ evening scent but I have been using it during the day and have really been enjoying it.

Im hoping I can use some of these up by the end of September. Fingers crossed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and let me know in the comments if you are tryinv to pan anything in your collections.

Till next time

Zoe x

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Barry M Bargain : Unicorn Magic

I just had to tell you all about the most beautiful bargain Boots has on at the moment featuring Barry M. Now I know normally Barry M has some amazing products anyway for really inexpensive prices, namely their fantastic nail polishes. But in my mind their free gift that is on offer when you spend £7 at the moment is one not to miss, especially if you love anything unicorn styled.

Just look at this stunning make up bag
 It is super metallic and flashes all different colours as the light hits it. As soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it, then the difficulty was in choosing how I spend the £7 in order to get it free as their was so much to choose from. After much deliberation I decided on this Cosmic Lights highlighting palette.

I have been lusting after a few highlighting palettes in the past but due to lack of funds could never justify the price of them but this one was exactly £7 and so this is the item I chose. It is made of cardboard, has a nice size mirror and has 4 cream cheek products and 2 powder. Now I'm not goung to lie the 4 cream products are not loaded in pigmentation and you do have to swipe a few times to get a good representation of colour as you can tell from the swatches.
Top row.
Bottom row.

The 2 powders are the knockout things in the palette. They are packed with pigmentation and are stunning when they hit the light.
One is a more pink based highlighter and one has a definite blue base to it. I am in total love with the blue based one. As it hits the light, you get lilac, blue, silver shimmers to it and its beautiful. In my mind that is worth the £7 alone.Don't get me wrong the pink one is stunning and has coral and gold shimmers to it.  The cream bronzer is good too if you just want a subtle look or you could use it as a bronzer base to lay your powder bronzers on top of.

The thing that stands out with this product is how versatile the highlighters are, you can use them as they are designed to be or use them as eyeshadows or blush or concealers or even lipgloss.

The bag!!! I just love the bag. If someone had reached inside my mind and designed my prettiest make up bag this would be it.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments if you like this bag too. It is only available for the next 3 weeks or until stocks last so if you want one I would run and get one because I think they will sell out fast.

Till next time

Zoe x

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July 2017 favourite products.

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good day. Today I thought I would share with you some of the things I have been truly loving throughout the month of July. First thing that came to mind when I wanted to choose what things to highlight for this month were my books. I have totally fallen back in love with reading and these 3 books were a total revelation to me, and have opened up a new genre of reading that I had previously thought I hated and that is sci fi and fantasy.
Theses books are The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I am normally a romance/ chick lit book worm but these books captivated me from the very first page and turned into books that I just did not want to put down. If you have not read them I highly recommend them and if you would like a full in depth review, let me know in the comments and I will gladly post one.
Next up is a foundation from Tarte. This is called the Rainforest Of The sea and it is a lovely product. Unique in its concept of having a dropper to dispense the foundation, I have found that I use less with each drop of foundation than with an ordinary pump foundation. It is a very thin consistency but it blends into the skin effortlessly and gives the skin a really pretty finish.
I now try to style my hair every day either with my hairdryer or my straighteners and because this can be very damaging to the health of your hair I wanted to buy a serum that would try to prevent that as much as possible. This serum from Frizz Ease has been a total life saver and really helps my hair feel silky and good condition. I just use a couple of pumps of the serum into the palm of my hand, which I then smooth through my hair, mainly concentrating the product more towards the ends of my hair so that my roots dont get too oily too quickly.
Right from the start of me writing this blog I have always loved Original Source shower gels and my original favourite has always been the mint scent. Really fresh and clean smelling, I have bought that version countless times but recently I have fallen in love with this Mango scented one. Oh my word this is beautiful, it lathers up beautifully and reminds me of how tropical islands would smell ( I think anyway). I'm not normally a fruity smell lover but I definitely recommend this one and a lot of the time you can get it for about £1 and 1 bottle lasts ages.
Talking about inexpensive products that smell divine, this Musk body spray is beautiful. It has such a delicate fragrance and smells like you are wearing a really expensive perfume. If you don't like Musk then they have lots of other scents you might like and for £1 why not try a few.
My main perfume has been this Gucci Guilty perfume. I have been wearing this for months and it is still going. I am not very good at describing perfumes but to me this smells quite musky too so goes really well with the Boots body spray. Lip products this month have more or less been these same too lipglosses from Buxom.

These are plumping lipglosses which tingle, and so if you dont like that tingling sensation, just like the Soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipglosses then these are not ones for you. I love them, they are quite sticky but have such a pretty sheen. Celeste ( which is my favourite ) is a peach gloss with a silver and lilac shimmer running through it. White russian is a dusky pink matte cream gloss. Both are beautiful and have a mint smell to them which I like too.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Let me know in the comments what your favourite things were in the month of July.

Till next time

Zoe x

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Rimmel, a brand you can rely on and fall in love with!!

Hey everyone, hope you have all had a lovely day. Today, I thought I would share with you one of the beauty brands that I love and feel that it doesn't get as much focus on as it should, and that brand is Rimmel.

Now, I know that there are so many new and high end brands that get a lot of attention and so they should, but sometimes when you just want some key pieces in your makeup bag and you want them to be reliable for their performance day after day I believe Rimmel is right up there.

For me one of the best products in their range is their Stay Matte powder. I suffer from oily skin and so during the working day I have to top up my powder to stop the shine but more often than not ( unless its a mega hot day) I dont need to do that when I use the Rimmel  powder when I apply my makeup first thing in the morning.
Yes, this is my newest repurchase of this powder. It is a staple for your makeup bag and very reasonable price wise too.
I love a good setting spray and in the past I have loved my Mac Fix Plus and the Urban Decay Setting spray, but they can get costly so I tried this Rimmel version and it is fantastic. Definitely on par with it's high end versions.

Now when you read beauty blogs and watch YouTube videos they always say not to wear black eyeliner on your waterline as it can age you. This is the look I love giving my smoky eye look real definition. But I have lately been trying a more subtle look to my eye looks using deep browns and greys to soften the shadows and have really enjoyed the more natural tones.
I have loved using the white too, brightening my often too red eyes. I'm definitely thinking of buying the purple and navy tones too. At under £3 each they are so purse friendly too.
Rimmel's mascaras are fantastic. They have all types of different brushes so no matter whether you like your eyelashes to look fluttery and natural or long and dramatic you will find a mascara just right for you.
I also enjoy all of their foundations too. To be honest though, I can't understand the 25 hour claim that they say it lasts for, 12 hours maybe, 18 at a push but why would you want your foundation lasting for 25 hours. That being said, the foundations are great, they give a lovely finish no matter whether you use a brush, sponge or your fingertips to apply it. They never look cakey or too much and just really bring out the beauty of your skin.

Last of all I wanted to talk about Rimmel's lip products. When my Nan was alive she used to wear Rimmels lipsticks a lot, especially the shades "Heather Shimmer" "Asia" and "Amethyst Shimmer" and I love their lipsticks too. I have many of them and it says how truly lovely and reliable they are when different generations of families all love to wear the same brands lip products.

A new range of lip products that they have introduced is the "Stay Matte " liquid lip colour.
I have some from other brands and so wanted to make sure I tried this one and it is beautiful. They have some gorgeous shades in the range, including a grey, navy blue and a black. I definitely recommend this one in the shade 110 blush.

And before anyone says I am being paid or reimbursed for doing this post I truly am not, they don't even know I exist I just wanted to share some love for a brand I think gets overlooked.

So next time you are in the drugstore, make sure to check out the Rimmel stand, you might just find a new staple in your makeup bag.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Disney, Barbecues and Rain

Hey everyone! Long time no speak. Wow this year is flying by, I cannot believe we are in August tomorrow, time seriously needs to slow down, before we know it Xmas trees will be being put up.

Over the past couple of months I have just been so busy with work and my son finishing his first year at secondary school and I will admit I have been enjoying the lovely warm weather we had a few weeks back. It was lovely just to be able to sit in the garden and read some seriously good books. I think  book reviews will be coming on a regular basis to my blog.

Another thing I have become obsessed with is Disney, and yes I am a 40 year old woman but I just love anything Disney or cartoon related. I think I must be trying to relive my youth or something but I am slowly building up my DVD collection and anything else Disney related. I will say Primark have some amazing Disney things although there are so many goodies and not enough cash. Recently, one of the newspapers had a voucher for a free Cars 3 stickerbook and so I am slowly collecting all the stickers for it. I cant wait to see the film. I have a lot of Disney tops too so maybe I can do a lookbook with them.

It was lovely to go to a barbecue at my parents house this weekend and see my Sister as I hadn't seen her in a very long time, although the barbecue had to be put under an umbrella as it poured with rain. Good old British weather hey!

I have alsi been doing a lot of colouring and so will do a post with all my up to date pictures. You will also be pleased to know my makeup collection is getting smaller and so Im pleased with that.

But, its lovely to be blogging again and hopefully it will be more regularly as well. I hope all my readers are well. Please let me know how you are all doing in the comments..

Till next time,

Zoe x

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Haul Time feat. Bare Minerals, Tom Ford, Revolution and L'Oreal

Being a big make up lover I am constantly running out of room in my cupboards and drawers so I went out and bought some plastic storage boxes, a total bargain at only £1 each from Poundland.
Another thing I purchased was this really pretty notebook, I make lists for everything so I am constantly needing new ones, so I always snap up pretty books that I see. I have bought it to keep ideas for blog posts and YouTube videos.
I have seen a lot of YouTubers using these oval type brushesto apply their makeup with and the ones they use are £50 - £60 a brush so when I saw this cheaper version in Superdrug from the brand Revolution I knew I had to have it. It is so pretty in Rose Gold, I love anything in Rose Gold so this brush really appealed. The bristles are really soft and nice and densely packed too so the foundation should go on nice and smoothly.
I needed some more hairspray and Elnett is my favourite brand. I got it in extra strong as I use it everyday and need it to hold my hairstyle in place for up to 10 hours at least. It gives a nice fine mist which I like as some hairsprays just spray in big clumps and then you get too much in one area and not enough in another.
I love watching films especially Disney ones and Harry Potter type films so when I saw Fantastic Beasts had come out on DVD I just had to have it.
This highlighting palette from Revolution is supposed to be a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. They are such pretty shades and a lot lighter on the bank balance which can only be a good thing. They feel buttery smooth to the touch and just glide onto the skin. These can also be used as eyeshadows or a bronzer, don'tyou just love multi use products!!

Going to Jo Malone was a really lovely experience today, sometimes the staff in high end department stores can look downtheir noses at you and you end up feeling rubbish but today the assistant was lovely and made me feel really at ease and relaxed. I purchased the Wood Sage and Sea Salt edt. Their packaging in the cream and black is so classy and elegant that you can give them straight away as gifts without any extra wrapping needed.

Thn I went to Bare Minerals and purchased a matte liquid lipstick in the colour "Kissy Face". It is a beautiful blue toned pink, quite neutral. Some liquid lipsticks can feel very drying and so Im hoping this high end verdion wont do that.

Lastly I purchased a mini Tom Ford lipstick from the Men and Boys collection in the shade "Flynn". Yet again it is another neutral shade. ( Can anyone see a pattern occuring here lol?). I also own 2 other Tom Ford lipsticks in "Spanish Pink" and " Blushed Nude". Truly some of the best lipsticks I have ever tried.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. If you want to see the corresponding video just type in Zoe Archer and you will find me. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and will speak to you all soon.

Love and hugs.

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