Friday, 3 March 2017

Rain, fruit and Lush bath bomb

Oh my word, the weather today has been horrendous.  It poured with rain the whole day and was so dark and dreary.  I hate it when it is like that, it makes you feel all miserable and fed up.

Diet wise, hmmm, not so good. I did have fruit for my breakfast and lunch today which was fine, but then one of my customers at the shop gave me a box if Maltesers and so I shared them with Daniel. So I didnt eat the whole box but not a good way to stick within my 15 syns. Plus I had a load of white bread with my Slimming World chicken tikka meal, which I shouldn't have had, but, boy did it taste good!!!

Daniel went out with his Grandad tonight to watch Birmingham City play so I had a lovely bit of me time, so I ran myself a nice bubble bath with Twilight bath bomb from Lush ( a true favourite) and read my Kindle  for a while. It feels so nice to be able to relax and just rest.

I thought I would show you a couple of my colouring pictures I have done over the last couple of days.

I hope you like them. Let me know in the comments what hobbies you enjoy.

Speak to you tomorrow xx

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Colouring, Planting Trees and Blogger Problems

Today has been a really good day. You know its not going to be too bad when you can get your hair to straighten properly. It is such a good feeling when you look in the  mirror and what you see brings a confidence to you and you feel you look nice.

I was quite pleased with myself too with my makeup usage because for the 2nd time this year I hit pan on an eyeshadow. That is a very rare happening for me as I have so many shadows that I am lucky if I wear an eyeshadow 5 times or more.

Daniel, my son was going on a school trip today to plant new trees in a forest and so I packed him a nice lunch and sent him with his wellies as I just knew he was going to come back muddy and dirty. Gee whizz, when he came home he looked like he had been bathing in the mud.  It took us about 15 minutes just to clean his wellies, his trousers were covered, his coat was covered. All I can say is he said he had fun, and thats what every Mom wants for their child, right!?! Plus, its always good to see the younger generations helping to take care of the planet, its so important.

Colouring has become not only a little hobby but a major love of mine. I literally have between 50 - 100 colouring books and I love them all. Well, today I needed the new Relax With Art Magazine and a Colouring Gothic Special by Selena Fenech, so I went out extra early to go to WHSmith before work and they hadn't got either. I was gutted. But my rescuer was my partner who travelled all the way into the city centre to get them for me.  He is such a love.

It has been such a long time since I had a little pamper session and so did a face mask, one of the L'Oreal Clay Masks. ( If you havent tried them yet, you need to, they are so good. Plus, you get so much product for your money, total bargain!!!). My skin now feels beautiful and smooth, although Daniel nearly had heart failure when he spotted me wearing it and his response was "What the hell, Mom?!?"

Tonight was the night I decided to restart my blog and wanted to write it out on the computer but apparently my blog is not recognised on Blogger on my laptop and so will have to just write it out on my phone everyday. That's no hardship really, I know, first world problems and all that.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed reading my first ever daily diary entry. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Hope you have had a good day too. Speak to you tomorrow.

A Different Journey.

I haven't posted on my blog in a very long time. Everytime I tried to write something, I just felt that my posts weren't interesting or relevant to anyone else. I would read other people's posts and feel that their posts were much more modern and fun whereas I'm just a 40 year old single Mom trying to feel young and pretty and my posts just felt stupid and boring.

Move on 4 months and I have truly missed being part of the blogging community, I have missed writing about my beauty loves and hates but now I've decided my posts are going to be more a daily diary of my  day to day life.

I'm not good with cameras as my nerves are pretty shot so if you want fantastic photos this isnt the blog for you, but it will be a reflection of how my life is going and a daily journal of the comings and goings of a part time healthcare advisor and fulltime Mom to an 11 year old.

I really hope that people reading my posts will enjoy them and I will gain new friends and new readers along the way. Please comment and subscribe, all your friendships and support mean so much.

Love and Hugs xxx
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