Thursday, 20 April 2017

My YouTube channel and Self Belief

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well and had a happy and blessed Easter. A lot has bern happening with me since I last wrote to you all. I decide to really up my game with my You Tube channel and post videos more regularly.  I suffer with my nerves and anxiety and have severr hand tremors because of it. I used to get teased about it all throughout my childhood being called " freak" "Shakin Stevens" ( an old 1980's pop singer)and the children in my class used to gather round me in a circle shouting "Wibble, Wobble jelly on a plate". So my confidence has never been very high.

But lately I just wanted to get stronger and have more self belief so have tried to push past my mental barriers and have posted the videos whethrr I felt I looked stupid or not. I am so pleased and shocked that I have reached 75 subscribers and feel as if this is spurring me to carry on. I'm only using my phone to record my videos and have no idea about editing or screenshots, so my vidros will seem very amateurish compared to other YouTubers but I can only try to develop my skills over time.

In my videos I have spoken about things that I have been loving lately especially painting my nsils all spring inspired colours, and products that Im trying to use up on a more consistent basis.

Food wise, Ive gone to pot because of all the lovely food tbats been around because of Easter but Im going to try and eat more healthily and make better choices now Easter is over.

Below are some of the colouring pictures I have completed this werk. I have been trying to develop my skills and colours when doing different skin tones. I have found some amazing brush tip pens from Faber Castell in a ramge of different skin tones I got thrm at WHSmiths and I will definitely be looking at getting the other colours available.

If you would like to see my Youtube channel, just type in Zoe Archer and would love for you to leave a comment and just say Hi or even subscribe so that I can grow my Youtube family..

Love and Hugs xxx


  1. Girl youtube is hard for me too! It is just such an intimidating place to put yourself out there. But I will head over and follow u. You can do this pretty lady!

    1. Thankyou so much. I have just subscribed to you too. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx


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