Monday, 31 July 2017

Disney, Barbecues and Rain

Hey everyone! Long time no speak. Wow this year is flying by, I cannot believe we are in August tomorrow, time seriously needs to slow down, before we know it Xmas trees will be being put up.

Over the past couple of months I have just been so busy with work and my son finishing his first year at secondary school and I will admit I have been enjoying the lovely warm weather we had a few weeks back. It was lovely just to be able to sit in the garden and read some seriously good books. I think  book reviews will be coming on a regular basis to my blog.

Another thing I have become obsessed with is Disney, and yes I am a 40 year old woman but I just love anything Disney or cartoon related. I think I must be trying to relive my youth or something but I am slowly building up my DVD collection and anything else Disney related. I will say Primark have some amazing Disney things although there are so many goodies and not enough cash. Recently, one of the newspapers had a voucher for a free Cars 3 stickerbook and so I am slowly collecting all the stickers for it. I cant wait to see the film. I have a lot of Disney tops too so maybe I can do a lookbook with them.

It was lovely to go to a barbecue at my parents house this weekend and see my Sister as I hadn't seen her in a very long time, although the barbecue had to be put under an umbrella as it poured with rain. Good old British weather hey!

I have alsi been doing a lot of colouring and so will do a post with all my up to date pictures. You will also be pleased to know my makeup collection is getting smaller and so Im pleased with that.

But, its lovely to be blogging again and hopefully it will be more regularly as well. I hope all my readers are well. Please let me know how you are all doing in the comments..

Till next time,

Zoe x
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