Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Rimmel, a brand you can rely on and fall in love with!!

Hey everyone, hope you have all had a lovely day. Today, I thought I would share with you one of the beauty brands that I love and feel that it doesn't get as much focus on as it should, and that brand is Rimmel.

Now, I know that there are so many new and high end brands that get a lot of attention and so they should, but sometimes when you just want some key pieces in your makeup bag and you want them to be reliable for their performance day after day I believe Rimmel is right up there.

For me one of the best products in their range is their Stay Matte powder. I suffer from oily skin and so during the working day I have to top up my powder to stop the shine but more often than not ( unless its a mega hot day) I dont need to do that when I use the Rimmel  powder when I apply my makeup first thing in the morning.
Yes, this is my newest repurchase of this powder. It is a staple for your makeup bag and very reasonable price wise too.
I love a good setting spray and in the past I have loved my Mac Fix Plus and the Urban Decay Setting spray, but they can get costly so I tried this Rimmel version and it is fantastic. Definitely on par with it's high end versions.

Now when you read beauty blogs and watch YouTube videos they always say not to wear black eyeliner on your waterline as it can age you. This is the look I love giving my smoky eye look real definition. But I have lately been trying a more subtle look to my eye looks using deep browns and greys to soften the shadows and have really enjoyed the more natural tones.
I have loved using the white too, brightening my often too red eyes. I'm definitely thinking of buying the purple and navy tones too. At under £3 each they are so purse friendly too.
Rimmel's mascaras are fantastic. They have all types of different brushes so no matter whether you like your eyelashes to look fluttery and natural or long and dramatic you will find a mascara just right for you.
I also enjoy all of their foundations too. To be honest though, I can't understand the 25 hour claim that they say it lasts for, 12 hours maybe, 18 at a push but why would you want your foundation lasting for 25 hours. That being said, the foundations are great, they give a lovely finish no matter whether you use a brush, sponge or your fingertips to apply it. They never look cakey or too much and just really bring out the beauty of your skin.

Last of all I wanted to talk about Rimmel's lip products. When my Nan was alive she used to wear Rimmels lipsticks a lot, especially the shades "Heather Shimmer" "Asia" and "Amethyst Shimmer" and I love their lipsticks too. I have many of them and it says how truly lovely and reliable they are when different generations of families all love to wear the same brands lip products.

A new range of lip products that they have introduced is the "Stay Matte " liquid lip colour.
I have some from other brands and so wanted to make sure I tried this one and it is beautiful. They have some gorgeous shades in the range, including a grey, navy blue and a black. I definitely recommend this one in the shade 110 blush.

And before anyone says I am being paid or reimbursed for doing this post I truly am not, they don't even know I exist I just wanted to share some love for a brand I think gets overlooked.

So next time you are in the drugstore, make sure to check out the Rimmel stand, you might just find a new staple in your makeup bag.

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